How to Reset Forgotten Windows 10 / 8 / 7 Password

Whether you are locked from your own computer or need to help a friend or family member who forgot your Windows password, there may be times when you need to reset a lost Windows password. It's pretty easy to do if you have a boot disk like PCUnlocker . This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a PC Live Unlocker CD, and booting your PC from the CD to reset the forgotten Windows 10/8/7 password easily.

Creating the Bootlock CD PCUnlocker

The first thing to do is download the ZIP file for PCUnlocker using another PC that you can access. Next, extract the contents of the ZIP file into a folder on your hard drive. Open the extracted folder in Windows Explorer and you will see an ISO file called pcunlocker.iso that you should burn to a CD (or USB).

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To create a boot CD (or USB drive) from that ISO file, I will use the free ISO2Disc software. Insert a blank CD and open ISO2Disc, navigate to the ISO file in the unzipped files. Choose the option "Burn to CD / DVD" and click Start recording .

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This will create a PC boot unlock CD minutes. Note : If you do not have an empty CD, you can make a USB bootable PCUnlocker instead.

Boot your PC from the CD

Once you have a bootable PCUnlocker CD, insert it into the computer whose password you want to reset. As soon as you turn on the computer, press a key defined by the system (such as F12, ESC, DEL, F2) to access the BIOS. Go to the BOOT menu and configure the CD / DVD as the first start option.

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After changing the startup priority, save the BIOS settings and restart your PC. Now it should start on the PCUnlocker CD.

Reset forgotten Windows password

When you start the CD, PCUnlocker will find the Windows operating systems that were installed on your hard drive. Select one of your user accounts in the list and click Reset password button to continue.

  forgotten windows reset password

This will open the Change Password dialog box, which allows you to enter a new password or leave it blank to delete it. If you chose a local account that was connected to a Microsoft account, you will receive a warning that the program will revert your Microsoft account to a local user.

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Once you click on Accept your Windows password will be reset immediately Restart your computer and reverse the changes you made to the BIOS, then you can re-login to Windows with the new password!

PCUnlocker has three versions available for download: Standard, Pro and Enterprise, if you want to reset the forgotten Windows password on a computer with the secure UEFI boot enabled, you need to use PCUnlocker Enterprise.


PCUnlocker is simple enough for a first-time user but powerful enough for experienced experts, even if you have not forgotten your password For Windows now, I recommend making a boot PC unlock CD that you can use in case of an emergency.

This publication was last updated on December 5, 2018


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