How to replace Google’s Trips app

Google's travel app tours were discontinued on August 5, reducing the area to apps like TripIt and RoadTrippers. It is unfortunate. Travel was a handy app for travelers, providing a way to track your travel plans, find your saved places, and quickly and easily find unfamiliar locations. It's also very convenient when you're downloading information for offline access to your app, whether you're overseas or using a temporary data plan.

Google has created a page that explains all the different ways you can use it to replace features. This is one of our upcoming travel apps. Here are some of our suggestions: There are some additional explanations that will help you at least take full advantage of the same features.

  • Use Google Maps to find restaurants, entertainment, parks, and more in your destination area. . This is a simple process that is well known to most map users. Simply enter the category in the search field. This is a useful feature, but it can often be awkward on your phone, especially when you zoom in and out on a map and compare each possible target and determine the relative distance to your current location.
  • We have a predictive ability to do map-based surveys before departing to your destination (preferably on a laptop with a better overall view). It is recommended that you store as many restaurants, museums and other destinations as possible. Find it later. To do this on your laptop, click on the place and then select "Save" from the left menu. When you tap a location on your mobile device, a separate map page opens. "Save" can be selected. In either case, you can star the destination more easily on the map or save it to the list.
  • If you recently added the Mobile Maps app, find your travel reservation. Tap the three-line menu icon, select & # 39; My Places & # 39 ;, then tap & # 39; Forward & # 39; at the top (you can find it by scrolling to the left). Google gets information from the Gmail and Calendar apps and creates a list of upcoming events. If you have a list, you can tap the three dots to the right of each item to move to the source of the information.
  • You can also perform a general Google search for "My Trips". A mobile device with a list of your personal travel information appears at the top of the search, with the assurance that you are the only person to search. When you select it, you'll see a page that tracks your flight, all the research you've done for your impending trip, and local information about your destination.
  • Last but not least, there is a large link to the mobile version of Google's new travel page at the bottom of my travel page. Travel is a brand-new Google site (using the same name as the mobile app) to collect and access all of the information about your saved trips and / or upcoming trips using our records of calendar entries. Booking hotels and airplanes by email.

The mobile version of the travel site does not have the benefits of the upcoming travel app (for example, you can not use the site offline), but it might be the best way to do so. And more so.

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