How to repeat and shuffle songs in iOS 13

  Mixing songs used to be easy. Here's how to mix songs on Apple Music on iOS 13.
Mixing songs used to be easy.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel / Cult of Mac

This may seem like a frivolous procedure. But since I couldn't find a way to turn off Apple Music's random songs on my iPhone on iOS 12, I think it's worth checking out, if only fools like me can look for it.

BTW, you can find the Apple Music repeats and shuffles the controls in iOS 12 by sliding up on the Now Playing panel to reveal the buttons at the bottom, if you need to know.

So, let's take a look at how Apple changed things in the iOS 13 Music application.

How to find shuffle and repeat on iOS 13

  The old way to mix and repeat songs and albums on Apple Music.
The ancient way of mixing and repeating songs and albums. [19659010] Photo: Cult of Mac

iOS 13 Music applications feel familiar and somehow different. It's like you're a character in a police novel, and you entered your living room after a serial killer had been playing with your stuff. You would know that some things have moved, but you can't be sure exactly what happened.

  Where are the Apple Music random and repeat controls on iOS 13?
Where are the controls?
Photo: Cult of Mac

One of those things is the random play / repeat control panel. You can still find these controls in the Now Playing panel, which you can still access by touching the Now Playing bar at the bottom of the screen.

  Touch the lower button to see the random combination and repeat the controls in iOS 13.
Touch the lower button to see the random and repeat controls.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Now, however, instead of simply pulling the panel up to reveal the random combination and repeat, you must touch the new menu button . It looks like the old hamburger button, only with the slightly broken layers. You can see it indicated in the screenshot above.

A change for the better?

Touch that button and a new section will appear with the repeat and random play controls. I don't think this is better than the old way. Maybe it keeps things a little more tidy on the iPad screen, at least until you activate the controls. And, since the button also reveals its next tail could be more recognizable than simply swiping up.

Whatever. We will all get used soon. However, one thing is for sure. The Music application seems to be Apple's playing field to test new and intricate interface ideas. That seems oddly appropriate, since on Mac that is the main purpose of iTunes's existence.

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