How to protect humans in a fully automated society

People were worried about the machine that worked for a long time. John Maynard Keynes warned of a new whip of technology unemployment in 1930. He warned, "It is called unemployment by finding a means to save the use of labor that goes beyond the pace of finding new uses for labor." In other words, it is to automate itself from the salary.

Fear became stronger only in the software age. In a recent article, several automation upgrades resulted in duplicate 20 employees in a small 3D modeling company. According to a recent study by McKinsey, about half of jobs now can be automated and 400 million jobs worldwide are expected to be unconsciously automated by 2030.

The picture seems simple enough to keep up with artificial intelligence. Get a good workforce every day. As intelligence improves, more jobs are created within automation. But reality is much larger and more complex. Most of the time, we automate the entire industry rather than automate individual tasks, so we have more scalable software to better meet our needs.

It's a big change in the way society works, not necessarily bad. We have to see a big picture.

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