How to Print Text Messages from iPhone or iPad.

Text messages and IMessages have become important since the passage in court today, and print media (text messages) will be recognized as evidence of criminal or civil lawsuits. Backing up chats and messages is often easy, but here's how to print text messages on your iPhone or iPad.

Describes a tool for printing text messages, including sent characters. Messages received with the name and number of recipients and senders. In addition to this, all images and pictures can be printed. On the other hand, there are tools you can use to save chats as PDF files or other documents on your PC or laptop.


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Backing up chat messages is a good idea, but the print direction is changing. This has started because many countries can accept print text messages from iPhone for court proceedings. This article covers several ways to save an entire conversation to a print form.

  1. Print text Message from iPhone or IPad via screenshot

This is a simple way to print a char. Take a screenshot of the chat. This process also includes trivial details such as timing, caller name, and caller contact information. These details are critical to court proceedings and court proceedings.

  • Collect the data and print it through the AirPrint Printer.
  • To save a screenshot, press
  • Power and Home buttons at once.
  • Save the screenshot in the gallery and click Done.
  • Go to the gallery and select the images, screenshots you want to print.
  • Please wait for a while until you get print options. Select the print options and import media.
  • Otherwise, you can mail this screenshot and print it on your PC.
  1. Comparing messages from iPhone or IPad to email or simply mail application

As compared to the method mentioned above, this is a slightly tiring way. This method requires you to select each message one by one and then use the mail app or email to send the message. This type of evidence is not important, as it does not display the sender's details such as timing, name, and contact. Therefore there are drawbacks of this method.

Here's how to follow the method.

  • Go to the message and open the conversation you want to print.
  • Click the message to print. Select multiple messages and copy them.
  • Go to the iOS mail app or email. Select the Create or New Mail option and paste the copied SMS here.
  • Open your e-mail account on your computer and print the message.

This is via email, but it is an honest opinion. This is not recommended.

  1. Text printing iPhone or IPad messages through iPhone Third-party software

The above method is shorter but the dialog is printed as follows: Third-party iPhone software will help with long text or long conversations.

This iPhone data transfer software helps you save your entire conversation at once. Text messages can be saved as PDF files and HTML format. This software is reliable and easy to use. It does not harm your device. iMazing, AnyTrans, TouchCopy, and MobiMover.

TouchCopy is a tool that allows you to print messages as well as MMS, images, and emoticons.

Here we are AnyTrans Software. Follow the steps described below.

  • First, download the AnyTrans from the device. After installing the application, go to the home page and select the message option. Go to
  • Settings. You can choose different formats here.
  • Make sure you have selected an export path before saving your settings
  • On the left is the c = option. Contact. Select your desired contact here.
  • Click PC or Mac to export the conversation or conversation to your PC.
  • Open the file and view the selected message.

This is about how to print text messages on your iPhone or iPad. Visit the site for more informative content. If you need additional assistance, please contact us in the section below. We will contact you shortly. We will continue to connect.

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