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How to prevent the ransomware virus with Smadav

How to prevent the ransomware virus with Smadav – Lately, the digital world has been horrified by the spread of the ransomware virus. Ransomware is one of the names of malware that aims to ask for a ransom for victims who are infected with this malware. There are two types of ransomware malware, namely crypto ransomware and crypto ransomware.

The spread of the ransomware virus can be by email, site or disguised as a particular application. Lately, the ransomware virus has spread widely. Not only in European countries, even a hospital in Indonesia was affected by this virus.

This ransomware virus is certainly very worrying for computer users. Especially for institutions or institutions that have important data. Once the computer is exposed to the ransomware virus, the data will be encrypted (blocked) and asked to pay.

How to prevent the ransomware virus with Smadav free anti virus – The ransom payment for decryption is through digital currencies, ie Bitcoin. Therefore, it will be difficult to detect the perpetrators. In some groups that I saw, not a few Indonesian users were affected. It would be nice if those of us who have not been exposed to this ransomware virus take precautions and always back up important data.

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Several antivirus companies update their antivirus so they can recognize and prevent this ransomware virus from entering the computer. ESET, AVG, Bitdefender and other antivirus have made updates to prevent this virus. I do not want to lose with an external antivirus, the Indonesian antivirus also made an update.

Smadav also participated in the prevention of the spread of the ransomware virus. Smadav adds new features to the update of version 11.4. Among the updates are the addition of a virus database, increased protection against ransomware, lighter use of the CPU, etc. So with this update, Indonesian users can use a local antivirus to avoid exposure to the ransomware virus.

How to prevent ransomware virus with Smadav Before being affected by ransomware. I suggest preventing it and using one of them with a local antivirus, namely Smadav. In addition, Smadav provides tips on the ransomware virus. Download the latest Smadav antivirus on the official website Do not forget to admit this antivirus buying the PRO version.

How to prevent the ransomware virus When using the Smadav antivirus, you anticipated the ransomware virus. In addition, you should always make a backup of the important data. And also make updates to the operating system to improve computer security. Hopefully, this article is useful and shared with your friends.

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