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Often we spend a lot of time looking at the monitors, but how often do they consider the damage we can get into our eyes? Thankfully, there are many ways to prevent eye fatigue. Some of them are just a habit that can be applied to everyday life.

1. Performing Eye Movements

This may sound complicated, but eye movements are nothing! Look at the monitor every 20 minutes and look over 20 feet away. The ophthalmologist calls this the "20-20-20" method.

  Tense of the eyes Close

If there is an invisible place 20 feet away, walk with this time. Sitting while working all day may not be good for your health. So this is an excuse to take a short walk and see somewhere else.


You can control the light coming out of the monitor to relieve eye fatigue. Windows 10 has a night light mode and the program f.lux can perform similar tasks.

Some monitors have additional settings that make them easier to see. For example, Philips uses the Low Blue mode, Benq uses the Low Blue Light mode, and HP uses the Blue Light filter. All of this weakens the monitor's brightness.

3. Wear eyeglasses to reduce blueness

  Eye strain glasses

When wearing eyeglasses during typing, develop the ability to prevent eye fatigue on your monitor.

4. Adjust monitor distance

Keep your monitor between 40 and 76 centimeters in your eyes – 16 inches to 30 inches. Make sure the monitor is at the same height as your eyes and is slightly away from you. This reduces the burden on your eyes when creating text on the screen.

5. Blink More!

It's easier than watching your favorite TV show or talking nervously during a game session, but you have to talk. We tend to stare at the monitor without blinking. It is recommended that you manually perform some additional tasks manually to ensure that the eye is getting the required moisture.


  Tension of the eye glare

I do not want to see the sun or bright light for more than a few seconds. If so, why should I look for long reflection? If there is a reflected light on the monitor screen, reduce or eliminate it. Extra light not only puts too much strain on your eyes, but makes it more difficult to read.

Eyes for the Eyes of the Eyes

Many of us interact with the monitor every day, but we only think about how it affects the eyes. Now looking at the screen can hurt your eyes and know how to avoid deformations.

Have you ever used your monitor too much to get tired? How did you solve the problem? Please let me know below.

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