How to pick the Microsoft Surface that’s right for you

The Surface family of computers has become so confusing for those who are willing to buy now.

Does the smallest surface best fit the workload? Separate Surface Books 2 is more expensive, but can it be a better choice because of the included keyboard and optional graphics? What about the new Surface Pro 6 or Surface Laptop 2? These devices are somewhat similar to the first blush, but there are some important differences you should be aware of.

Microsoft's 12.3-inch tablet-laptop hybrid is the most recommended for most people. Starting at $ 899, 8th generation Intel Core processors, crisp displays and higher RAM counts have seen significant improvements in performance and price compared to Go, but Microsoft has forgotten to add USB-C ports to this year's version.

In Surface Pro 6, older generations have not completely fallen into dust, but newer models are smoother and handle multitasking without pan rotation. What has not changed is the location in the surface layer of Surface Pro 6. The value is not cheap, but it is not too expensive. It is very powerful but not powerful.

Unlike Surface Laptop 2 and Surface Book 2, Surface Pro 6 comes out of the box for tablet mode and can provide a mouse and keyboard.

Surface Pro 6 runs Windows 10 Home and Windows Server 2003 with or without Type Cover. Ready for apps and games that are fully compatible with x86 and x64 apps. The accessory also works on the device's USB-A port. Do I need to connect via USB-C? Microsoft's $ 79 accessory will help you. But besides the financial cost, it occupies an important surface connector used to charge the Surface Pro, which is not very good.

Compared to using Surface Pro 6, there is a good compromise. Buy a standard laptop at a similar price, especially for price / performance.

However, this surface is suitable for people. It's not too demanding, but you want immediate access to both your computer and touch-friendly tablets.

Surface Go takes a presentation from Surface Pro and shrinks it to a device with a 10-inch display. Except for performance degradation, Dieter Bohn says that he does not underestimate it – other things do not disappear from changes in size. Surprisingly, we combined Surface Book 2 into Microsoft's only laptop with an embedded USB-C port to secure a USB-C port.

Compared to Surface Pro 6, this option is for tablets and notebooks. However, this technique is similar to using proprietary peripherals that are expensive. Type cover is $ 99 and surface pen is $ 399 plus an additional $ 100 in base price

Inside Go is the smallest Surface computer currently, Windows 10 in S mode is provided. In other words, you can only run Windows platform applications that are available in the Windows repository. It does not matter to people who rely on small popular programs, but if you enjoy using various applications or deeply customizing your PC, upgrade to Microsoft's one-way switch to Windows 10 Pro.

If your computer is small, then moving is the right choice. Additional accessories give you quick access to Surface Pro 6 pricing.

Surface Book 2 comes with an additional battery-powered keyboard base and additional power for better performance.

Book 2, available on the 13.5-inch and 15-inch models, competes more directly with Apple's MacBook Pro.

Both Surface Pro 6 and Go have a kick stance that works well on the table, but it does not move most comfortably and reliably. Experience on knees. Depending on your size, you may need to squeeze your legs and support it. On the other hand, Book 2 and Surface Laptop 2 lie flat on their lap like a laptop computer.

When folded, Surface Book 2 is small but can not be closed like a true clamshell laptop like any other surface device. The gaps between the tablet and the keyboard can be slightly exposed to dust and dirt so that it is not easily caught in the backpack and / or seatback compartment.

Apart from design, the biggest distinction is that Book 2 and other Surface devices are power supplies. If you have the money to spend, you can create a thin and powerful laptop that can handle most creative efforts relatively easily. If you're a gamer, do not get too excited about GeForce GTX 10 series graphics.

The Surface Laptop 2 is literally the closest Microsoft effort. A full-range notebook that can not be detached in tablet mode like any other device.

Now in second generation, this option is still not suitable for those who focus on shape shifting diversity. etc. However, if you take it out of the box, you can use it casually. The sense of unity between the screen and the chassis means there is no need to add accessories such as a type cover. Compared to Surface Book 2, this computer can fit into a tight compartment with less space to put in your bag.

With Surface Pro 6, Microsoft keeps its laptops up to date. It has Intel's 8G Gen processor and 8GB of RAM in its default configuration and is similar to last year's model, but some new colors are available.

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