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There are currently several game distribution platforms for PC gamers, from Steam to GOG to Epic Games. Not to mention the games you buy and install from the DVD. Because there are so many ways to acquire games, it can be tricky to keep a large collection of PC games organized. Unfortunately, Launchbox helps you organize your game collection in one place, regardless of how you install it.

What is Launchbox? Launchbox began with the graphical interface of DOSBOX, an emulator of old DOS games. Now it supports much more modern games and other emulation platforms.

  Launchbox Features

You can use your favorite Nintendo ROMs, original PlayStation ISOs, and the latest game collections on the same dashboard. Battlefield V will be nicely positioned next to Duke Nukem 3D.

Sad news for Linux gamers is that Launchbox is for Windows only, but some work is being done to port it to Linux. To install the Launchbox, you need to go to the Launchbox website and provide an email address. You will receive a download link by email with a link to support videos and guides.

It also provides information about Launchbox Premium, an advanced version of Launchbox with additional features. Start the installer when the download is complete. It's a fairly typical Windows installation file, so you shouldn't have any difficulties.

Add game

You were invited the first time you launched Launchbox (and closed the initial splash screen). Start searching for games on your PC. Depending on the type of game you want to import, you can choose from six options.

  Launchbox Add Games

For example, if you want to import and start a Windows game (including games from GOG or EA), select the "Search Windows Games" option in the Origin Store.

Click "Next" at each step. You may have to wait a few minutes while searching for folders and finding games.

  Launchbox Game Search Parsing Files

Importing games on certain platforms, such as GOG, only retrieves installed games, but importing Steam games displays all games. Game purchased but not currently on PC.

To import more games later, click on "Tools" at the top and then "Import". Choose your platform.

Big Box for Playing TV Games

Another advantage of Launchbox is the “Big Box” interface for TV. Perfect for playing retro games or PC games on a bigger screen.

  Launchbox Big Box

The downside of this is that you need to purchase a Launchbox Premium license to access the Big Box interface. Launchbox Premium gives you access to Big Box, as well as additional support for game box controllers and custom themes. The one-year update will cost you a one-time $ 20 for your lifetime license. If you want a lifetime update, you can pay $ 50.

You can purchase a Launchbox Premium subscription from the Launchbox site. After signing up, click on the “free version” at the top left of the Launchbox interface to get your license. Click Browse and Import License File Here. You can launch Big Box by pressing Ctrl + B or selecting "Big Box" on your keyboard. You can also automatically launch Big Box from within the popular media center Kodi, thanks to a community plugin from the menu on the dashboard.

Launchbox keeps its game collection organized with Launchbox

Launchbox is not designed to replace Steam. Instead, it works with games and other distribution platforms to help keep your games organized and accessible in one place. Thanks to the Kodi plugin, you can also combine your PC and retro games with your favorite media center.

Use Launchbox to configure your game or do you have other recommendations? Please leave your comments and comments in the comments below.

Image Credit: Launchbox Big Box via Launchbox

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