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The standard way to open a directory on a Mac is to open a Finder window and use it to move to a specific location on your hard drive. However, there are other ways to open folders using the terminal. It's not used in everyday life, but if you're a developer (or someone who uses your terminal often) this can be very useful

The following shows how to use the open command to bypass the Finder and open directories directly from the terminal.

1. Open a terminal on your Mac. This can be done using Spotlight or by going to "Applications-> Utilities".

2. The terminal now uses the command open . The general syntax of this command is as follows:

For example, to open the Documents folder directly from a terminal, type:

  Open File Terminal Document

This is the Finder To open the Documents folder in Windows and the root directory in the

Finder, use the following command:

  Open File Terminal Open Directory Command

Like, open a user's home folder (including desktop, documents, and picture folders).

If you are a programmer and need to use terminal to browse various system files and suddenly need to open a specific file found in terminal, you can use the following command easily.

  Open File Open Terminal ent File Command

Opens a specific folder directly in the Finder where you can modify it if necessary. All of the above mentioned commands can be used to open specific directories or system resources. Start an application or utility from the terminal command line without using the Finder. For example, to open Safari directly from the terminal, type:

Use a similar command to specify an application.

Opening Folders in Terminal

Conversely, if you are in a folder in the Finder and want to open a folder in Terminal, you can easily add it. Right-click to perform a shortcut.

1. Open System Preferences on your Mac.

2. Go to "Keyboard-> Shortcuts"

  Mac keyboard Backlit keyboard

3. Activate "New terminal in folder" in the service menu. This automatically adds an option to the Services menu to open a folder on the terminal. You can also set keyboard shortcuts for quick access.

  Open file terminal terminal in folder

4. Now whenever you select a folder to open in the terminal, selecting "New terminal in folder" will open the folder location in the terminal.

  Open File Terminal Services Commands

I hope that using the command and the shortcuts above will make your terminal more efficient. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments below.

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