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LibreOffice is a powerful tool and is becoming more and more powerful. It is a desktop tool, but you can use LibreOffice in your browser, so you can use it instead of an online office suite like Google Docs. Recent versions of LibreOffice have added the ability to remotely edit files via SAMBA shares, SSH, and other methods. One of the more interesting things is Google Drive support.

Why Google Drive files need to be edited in LibreOffice

While working in LibreOffice may be better, it may not. everyone each. Even if you can now run LibreOffice in your browser, it does not mean that your colleagues will have to give up Google Docs and Google Drive.

  Open remote file editing Google Drive Libreoffice Launch Center

Modifying Google Drive files using LibreOffice is the best of both worlds. Others work in a comfortable environment while working in a familiar environment. This does not require much configuration.

Remote File Connection Setup

Before starting, you need a Google Account of course. If you have not used Google Drive, you can create one or two files via the web interface. This will tell you whether the remote connection was successful.

Start LibreOffice, then select "Remote File" at the top of the window in the left pane in the Welcome Center. On the next screen, select "Add Service" at the top. Select "Google Drive" from the drop-down menu at the top of the window on the next screen

 Open remote file editing Open Google Drive Libreoffice Gdrive settings

If you use two-factor authentication, you do not need to use an app password.

If you enter details, the dialog box will be dimmed until the connection is successfully completed.

Working with Google Drive files in LibreOffice

Two ways to open files in Google Drive. One is to select a remote file in the Start Center, as we did above. The other is to go to "File> Open Remote File" in LibreOffice Writer, Calc or Impress.

Once you've opened the file, you can work with it like any other file. When you save via the File menu or Ctrl + S key combination, the file is automatically saved to Google Drive.

 Edit Remote File Open Google Drive Libreoffice Remote Save

If you create a new file in LibreOffice Writer, LibreOffice does not need to check in or check out the file. To save a Calc or Impress, go to "File> Remote Save". Conclusion


As mentioned above, LibreOffice can be used with other remote access methods, but Google Drive is one of the easiest tools to use. If you need to edit files frequently via WebDAV or SSH, it is a good idea to know that these protocols are supported.

LibreOffice is far from the only Google Drive client available on Linux. To see what versions are available, please see the full list of Google Drive clients for Linux.

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