How to Move Game Files to Another Xbox One

  Place Xbox One X on the original Xbox 1.
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The Xbox One game is huge. Red Dead Redemption 2 alone is 107GB. If you have a data limit, downloading the same game multiple times is a waste. Instead, use an external drive to transfer games between consoles to save your data.

Copying games to save time and data

When you offer a new Xbox One, it is recommended that you first install the game. Whether it's a Christmas morning surprise for your child or a birthday present for your spouse, their game is ready to play immediately. The first time you run an Xbox game, the console immediately inserts most of the discs into the hard drive. Xbox downloads everything you need to play the game. Incredibly, the additional content can lead to more than 100GB of games like Final Fantasy 15, Gears of War 4, and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

If you have an Xbox One or higher, each time you install a game, it may download multiple times, depending on your Internet speed, but it may take a long time. If you have a data cap, it's even worse. For example, Comcast can accommodate 1TB (1000GB) of data, and Xbox One single-game downloads can use 1/10. Thankfully, Microsoft has added support for external hard drives for the Xbox One. In general, you can use this feature to move or copy games from one Xbox to another while expanding storage capacity.

This feature is also useful if you are originally upgrading from Xbox 1 to Xbox One X. Or Xbox One S.

How to Migrate All Games at Once (19659005) Transferring games is pretty simple.

Warning: : The data on the drive is erased during formatting.

Microsoft requires users to use USB 3.0. Drive with at least 256GB of storage. Given the tremendous size of the game, you should bring at least a 1TB drive.

On the Xbox home screen, press the Xbox button on the controller (the circular button with the Xbox logo on). Select the setting gear on the far right and select "Settings".

 The Xbox submenu with arrows points to Settings Gear and Settings options.

Select "System" then "Save" 19659006]  Menu settings with arrows pointing to system and storage options on Xbox

Here the hard drive with the current game is selected . If you have never used an external hard drive before, select the Internal option.

 The Xbox System Save menu allows you to make a call from a hard drive that contains games.

Select the "Transfer" option from the submenu that appears.

 System save submenu to call from transfer options

Select "Select All" to select individual games to transfer or to transfer all games. Select "Copy Selected" to copy the game file to the external drive. You can use "Go to Selected" to move the game file to an external drive and delete the original copy from its original location, but you can do this only if you are freeing space, such as the entire internal hard drive. 19659006] At the top of the screen it indicates that the game has been moved to an internal drive, but do not worry. The next step prompts you for the destination.

 Transfer menu with callout managing transfer options

Select the drive to which you want to transfer the game. In this case, select an empty external hard drive named "External2".

 Transfer submenu with box around empty hard drive

Transfer. If the information is correct, select "Copy" or "Move". The options shown depend on your previous choices. If you use the "Copy" option, the game will exist on both the destination drive and the source drive. With "Move", the game is deleted from the source drive and moved to the destination drive.

Xbox One will start copying or moving the game file to an external drive. However, no confirmation or progress bar is displayed.

 Xbox 1 Home submenu with callouts around Abzu games

Depending on the number of games to transfer and the transfer speed, the capacity of the external storage device can take from several minutes to several hours.

 Select one app with a box around the My games & apps option. From the

menu, select & # 39; Queue & # 39 ;. . If you have games to cast,

 The Xbox Games and Apps menu is displayed with a box next to Queue Options.

Depending on your external storage and Internet speed, copying a connection from one drive to another may be faster than downloading the connection again. But more importantly, if you have a data cap, do not use a data cap.

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