How to Measure the Distance Between Two Points in Google Maps

When checking your location on Google Maps, you may want to know the distance between two points from your current location to your destination. The distance measurement feature is handy because it helps you decide whether to walk or go to your destination. Google Maps lets you figure out the distance between various destinations and provide totals without installing additional apps.

How to see the distance between one or more places on Google Maps [Android]

Use your Android device and use or type your current location. You can also press and hold the area until a red balloon appears.

  Measurement distance

When Google Maps provides information about the address you entered, it appears at the bottom. Press it to take up the entire display. On the right you will see a ruler with the word "Measure Distance".

Black circles appear as some blue dots. Swipe your finger to the right on the display to move the point to the left. Place a black circle where you want to go and the distance will appear in the lower left corner of the display.

You can also measure the distance between points. You can do this by tapping the "Add Point" option in the bottom right corner. After measuring the distance between point A and point B, tap this option and place the black circle in the third position so that the sum of all the points you decided to add appears at the bottom.

How to measure the distance between one or more points on Google Maps [Desktop]

Using the web version of Google Maps on your desktop It is much easier to measure it. browser. To display point A, right click on the starting point and select the "Measure distance" option.


Clicking the distance measurement option displays a black circle. You can select as many additional destinations as you want. Just click on your destination and you will see the distance of the last clicked place.


How to measure distance between one / various points using Google Maps [iOS]


Measure distance between two points on iOS Is the same as it does on Android devices. You can long press or type a location. When a red balloon appears, tap Location Info at the bottom of the display.

On iOS devices you will see the same blue ruler and tap it with the word "Measure distance". Swipe the display slowly until the black circle is in the second position. The measurement is at the bottom. To measure more than one location, tap the blue text "Add Location" in the lower right corner.


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