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If you just bought a Chromebook and are wondering how to unzip a zip file from a friend, or how to compress multiple files and send them to your friends, Chrome OS has built-in zip file support

I think you can not handle these simple file types on your Chromebook because of the non-traditional way of handling compressed files on your device, but you can actually manage your zip files. [19659002] This tutorial shows how to manage zip files on your Chromebook.

How to unzip and decompress files on your Chromebook

The Files app is the place to manage all your files on your Chromebook and is the only app you need to manage your zip files.

1. Download the zip file to the download folder.

2. Open the Files app and navigate to the Downloads folder.

3. Double-click the compressed file. The compressed file opens.

 Zip file with Chrome file app mounted

4. Here you can unzip and copy the files you want to paste into the desired folder.

 Copying Chromeos Zip file

5. To unmount the zip file, click the Eject icon in the left sidebar.

 Chromeos unmount Zip file

To create a zip file:

Open the Files app and select all the files you'd like to compress.

2. Right-click and select "Zip Selection".

 Chromeos Zip Selection

3. A file called "" is created. You can rename the file by right-clicking and selecting Rename.

 Chromeos Rename Zip Files

That's it.

I would like to hear how to compress or decompress files. Chromebook. Are there any other tools that your preferred tool or application has not used or is appropriate for you? Please let us know in the comment below.

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how to manage zip files in chromebook make tech easier

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