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iPhone is an excellent mobile phone with attractive design. If you're wondering how your Android phone looks, or if you can customize your Android phone, there are a number of apps that make your Android phone look like an iPhone (or other phone).

The disadvantage of making your Android device look like an iPhone is that you must use one or more of the apps listed below.

1. Phone Launcher iLauncher

  Iphone Launcher

You need a launcher to make your Android device look like an iPhone. Phone X Launcher must be correct. You will feel that you are already watching iPhone right after installing the app. The app icon changes to an icon that you can see on your iPhone.

If Chrome is your default browser, it will be replaced by the Safari app icon. Chrome is still your default browser, so if you click the Safari icon, you do not have to be too excited.

Swipe anywhere on the Home screen to quickly search for apps or find recently used apps.

 Iphone Controlcenter

You can also navigate to the settings of the launcher and modify actions such as desktop, swipe action, screen lock, and more. , App lock, scroll effect, dock, and iPhone X notch.

2. iOS 12 Screen Lock

  Iphone Lockk

If the lock screen still has an Android Appearance, the iPhone Appearance is incomplete. When iOS12 lock screen is added, the Android screen remains on the lock screen. With this app, you'll see all your notifications about your new iOS lock screen as well as your iOS screen for text messages and missed calls.

The first time you access the lock screen, the & # 39; You can see your notice.

 iPhone code

Otherwise, open the lock screen application and access the settings. Press the Set Password option and enter the password twice.

 iPhone Notice

When you are notified, swipe left and enter your password. The option to erase it will appear on the right. When you swipe the notification from the right, an option to clear it appears to the left of the notification. You can also modify settings related to enabling fingerprint options, passes, date formats, wallpapers, sound locks, text sizes, and more in the app's settings.

iMusic – Music Player

  iPhone Genrealbum

Let's assign the iOS shape to the music player. With this music player, you can listen to audio files in various formats such as WAV, MP3, AAC, FLAC, 3GP, OGG and MIDI. [19659002] You can choose from nine music genre presets: Hip Hop, Pop, Dance, Metal, Latin, and Classic. Apps divide music into five separate tabs: music, playlists, artists, and albums. And genres.

Press the three upper left points to access options such as Repeat, Shuffle, and Equalizer. You can also search for specific songs in the search box.

iCalendar iOS 13

  Iphone Icalendar

iCalendar iOS 13 always offers the iOS calendar you want. It's compatible with Google Calendar and is a very simple design. When recording an event, you can easily read it and take a dot.

You can select which calendar to add when creating an event. You can also repeat the event and add an alert. When you tap the date you added an event, you'll see it under Calendar. It's a simple application, but it would be great if it's exactly what you want.


You will still have an Android device. But at least with these applications you can enjoy iOS. design. Have you ever missed an app you're already using? Share with me in the comments below!

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