How to Make Outlook Open to a Specific Default Account


If you have multiple email accounts and use Outlook, you may want to open a specific account as the default account. Here's how to do it in Outlook on the desktop and in

Outlook for desktop is one of the email clients most common that are used the world. For this reason, people generally use it for multiple email accounts. However, if you have a primary email account that you use most frequently, you will want to select it as the default email account.

The default email account in Outlook is the inbox that opens when you first start Outlook on your desktop. Setting up a default account is not easy, but you can do so by following the tips below.

Set up the default account in Outlook

To force Outlook to open a default email account, there are two steps. First, you must configure the default account, then you must configure the default data file.

To set the default account, select File> Account settings and then select Account settings from the drop-down menu.

 choosing account settings in Outlook

In the Account Settings window, select the account you want to set as default and select Set as default .

This will set the default account in Outlook to send emails. Now, when you compose a new email, the default account that will appear in the field of .

Next, you must configure the default data file to use each time you open Outlook. To do so, in the Account Settings window, select the Data Files tab. Select the data file for the email account you want as the default and select Set as default .


Now, Outlook will automatically open this data file every time you open the application. To try this, close Outlook and reopen it.

To see if the correct default email is set up, open a new email to compose and verify that the From email is set up in the email account that you have set as

 default email while Compose

Setting up the most used email account as default will save you some time. You will not have to constantly change the account Since every time you send a new email.

Configure default inbox folder to open

If you want a specific inbox folder to open automatically when you first open Outlook, there is one more configuration to update.

Select the menu File and select Options .

In the Outlook Options menu select Advanced from the navigation tab. In the Start and exit of Outlook section, select the Browse button near the field Start Outlook in this folder .

 default inbox

Delve into the email account you want to set as the default inbox and then select the Inbox item within that account. Select OK to continue.


Select OK to close the Outlook Options window.

Now, close Outlook again and open it again. When Outlook opens, you should see that the inbox of the email account you selected as default is already open.

 default inbox opening

As you can see, configuring Outlook to use your default email account by default requires a few different steps. But once you complete these steps, you'll never have to continue opening the account in Outlook again.

Default shipping account settings in

Outlook online does not have as many default account settings. However, you can configure it to use a default email account when composing new emails. To do this, log in to your Outlook Online account. In the upper right corner of the browser window, select the online Outlook settings icon.

 Outlook online settings

At the bottom of the Settings menu, select View all Outlook Settings .

In the Settings window, select Mail in the left navigation bar, then choose “Synchronize email” in the submenu. In the Synchronize email window, scroll down to Set default sender address . In the drop-down box, select the email account you want to use each time you compose a new email.

 set default send email

Select Save to finish. Now, every time you write a new email with Outlook Online, the email address you set as default will appear in the From field.

 composing an email in Outlook online

If you use Outlook for desktop, you have many more options when it comes to setting the default accounts to use and which inbox opens automatically.

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