How to Make Google Automatically Delete Your YouTube History


Google continues to add new tools to help you control your data. And recently he added the possibility that his YouTube history is automatically deleted. Here is how to configure it.

In an effort to help users manage their privacy online, Google has added new tools to its platform to help you Eliminate your bread crumbs. In May, the search giant added new controls to to automatically remove its location and web activity. And last week Google announced even more privacy controls for its data. One of them allows you to automatically erase your YouTube viewing history.

Automatically delete your YouTube activity

To automatically delete your history, you must go to the Google Activity controls. Start your browser and go to the YouTube History page and log in with your Google account.

In the YouTube History section, you will see two pictures. On the left, it shows if you have YouTube history enabled or not. If this is your first time here, it is likely to be underway. And on the right is the box where you can choose to automatically delete your history.

Since we want Google to automatically delete YouTube history, click on the "Choose to delete automatically" link in the box on the right. [19659010] yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

In the box that appears, select how long you want Google to keep your YouTube history. Currently, you can only choose to delete it automatically after three months or 18 months.


Then, confirm your preference and advance, any search or viewed or searched on YouTube that is more than three or 18 months old, will be automatically deleted. Please note that the final confirmation screen will show links to manage other Google data. Like Location History, for example.


In this same section, you can prevent your YouTube history from being saved. On the YouTube History page, click on the "Change settings" link in the box on the right. Then turn off the switch to pause your history of being saved. Here you can also check or uncheck if your search history or viewed videos are saved. For example, you may want to save your viewed videos, but not your search history or vice versa.


Please note that even if you configure to have your data deleted automatically, you can still enter at any time and delete them manually.

This is a good setup for those who are aware of privacy and want a little more peace of mind. Or, if you are a great YouTube user and are tired of watching the same recommended videos over the past year.

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