How to make and use Memoji stickers without Face ID

iOS 13 automatically converts all your Memoji to iMessage stickers. Even better, anyone can create new Memoji, on any device. You no longer need an iPhone or iPad with a Face ID camera with depth detection to create them.

With the new Memoji creation tool in the Messages application, you can do almost everything that can be done with Face ID. Here's how to make and use Memoji tags in iOS 13.

How to use Memoji tags in iOS 13

First, let's look at the new tags. In the Messages app on iOS 13, you'll see a new Memoji sticker button on the keyboard. Touch it and you will see your existing Memoji, plus all the cute animal Memoji.

A single Memoji is duplicated again and again in a grid, and each instance has a different expression. Maybe you remember my attempt to recreate the sports hero Colin Kaepernick in the form of Memoji. It's still on my Memoji list, and here you see it laughing, crying, sleeping and enjoying a good nap.

Just touch any label to add it to your message. Or, like all other stickers, drag it out of the stickers section to drop it onto an existing message in the thread.

How to create a Memoji on iOS 13

  Now you can edit and create Memoji on any device.
You can now edit and create Memoji on any device.
Photo: Cult of Mac

As mentioned earlier, iOS 13 allows you to create Memoji on any device. The method is the same as before, only without the live mapping that turns the Memoji into an Animoji that follows your real human expressions. (To see all the details of the Memoji design feature, see our publication: "How to make a great Memoji".)

To access the Memoji creator, simply touch the … button in the Memoji label panel , on the far left From the row of mini Memoji icons. Here you can edit an existing Memoji, or create a new one. The creation panel looks like this:

  The Memoji creation tool.
The creation tool Memoji.
Photo: Mac Worship

Once you've gone through the various customization options, you end up with a whole Memoji page:

  Who does not love a new sheet of Memoji stickers?
Who does not love a new sheet of Memoji stickers?
Photo: Mac Worship

It's great that Memoji will now be available to everyone. If you do not have the latest Apple hardware, you will find some modest limitations on your Memoji creation capabilities. You can not get away from the camera a little, give a shy nod and freeze the expression, for example. For that, you still need an iPhone X series or an iPad Pro 2018.

Still, no matter what device you use, the Memoji are very fun to do (although, to be honest, I almost never use them). Having Memoji as stickers makes much more sense. Another victory for iOS 13.

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