How to make a professional looking resume in Word in Office 365

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How to make a professional resume in Word in Office 365

Not everyone can possess the creative skills to develop a professional resume. Fortunately, Microsoft makes it easy as part of Word in Office 365. Here's how to do it.

  1. Start Microsoft Word
  2. Go to the File menu and look for Resume in the bar at the top of the screen
  3. Choose a resume template that fits your needs
  4. Download the template by double-clicking and pressing Create
  5. Try the LinkedIn Resume Assistant to help you complete outside the fields in your resume

Applies to all versions Windows 10

In the always competitive labor market, having an excellent resume (or resume) can be the key to getting the dream job. But, despite having excellent work skills, not everyone can understand the process of how to develop a professional resume. Fortunately, Microsoft makes things easier as part of Word in Office 365. With this guide, we'll show you how you can make a resume in Microsoft Word in minutes.

Start with a template

To get started, you'll want to start Microsoft Word. Next, on the home screen, you will have to choose More templates. If you have disabled the home screen, you can go to File, and then New to continue.

In the search box, then you will want to type Resume to find some prefabricated templates. These templates come in a variety of styles and will allow you to replace the generic text and your own personal information. Be sure to choose one that is right for you. There are quite a few designs to choose from. Some examples seen here include the blue-gray block, modern chronological, polished, basic modern or colored.

 How to make a professional resume in Word in Office 365

Download the template [19659012] Once you have decided which resume template is right for you, click on it. If you wish, you can also click on the pin icon to fix it at the top of the templates page for future reference. To continue, however, you will want to double-click on the template name. Word may ask you to download, and if you do, be sure to click the Create button in the pop-up box. Finally, Word will generate a generic resume, allowing you to complete your personal information.

 How to make a professional resume in Word in Office 365

Try the LinkedIn Resume Assistant [19659012] Next, you can see that a Resume Assistant appeared on the right side of Microsoft Word . This tool will help you describe your work experiences and complete other parts of your resume. If you are not sure how to proceed, this is an excellent way to develop a professional resume. Click the Start button to start.

Then he will complete a lot of fields. The first of them is their role and industry. We are using Staff Writer and Online Media as an example. Then you will see examples of work experience, which you can adjust for your own resume. You can always click on . See more examples if the suggestions do not work for you. While there, you can also see some suggested works, which you can apply for once your resume is completed. Once this is done, you can click on the X icon to exit the Assistant and complete the process of completing your resume.

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Tips and tricks for finding jobs

Once you're done with your resume, You can start the process of finding jobs on websites such as Indeed, Monster and LinkedIn. We previously explained how you can find work on LinkedIn, so be sure to check it out. It is an easy process and all you need to do is update the professional interests, the job application settings and then use the LinkedIn search bar to your advantage.

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