How to Listen to Music and Podcasts on Your Apple Watch


There are many things you can do with your Apple Watch, including listening to music and podcasts. We show you how to set it up and listen to your favorite audio, whether your iPhone is close or not.

Your Apple Watch is not just a useful exercise tool . It also serves as an excellent way to listen to your favorite music and podcasts. Better yet, you can do it with your iPhone near or separately. Here’s how to do it.

Requirements for listening to music or podcasts on Apple Watch

There are different ways to interact with audio content with your Apple Watch. When connected to your iPhone, you can use your watch to control audio output. For example, use your Apple Watch to play, pause or skip content.

To listen to the audio from your Apple Watch (instead of controlling it from the iPhone), the watch must be connected to a Bluetooth audio device, including speakers and headphones. You see will not play the content of its built-in speaker. From here, there are additional requirements.

Apple Music

If you subscribe to Apple Music, you can play songs from the entire Apple Music catalog from your watch, provided you are connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or cellular. If you are not subscribed to Apple Music, you can play your songs, albums and playlists, as long as the content is physically stored on your Apple Watch.


As with music, you can control the podcasts that reside on your iPhone with your Apple Watch. You can also play podcasts stored from the portable device. Synchronization is required to transfer podcasts from your iPhone to Apple Watch.

Music on Apple Watch

It should not be surprising that Apple has made it possible to enjoy the music of Apple Watch. After all, this is the same company that introduced iTunes and iPod years ago.

Synchronize music

To synchronize or store music on your Apple Watch:

  1. Place Apple Watch in your charger and make sure your iPhone is nearby.
  2. Go to the application Settings on the iPhone, then touch Bluetooth . Make sure Bluetooth is activated.
  3. Touch the application Apple Watch on the iPhone.
  4. Select Music on the My Clock tab.
  5. If you are an Apple Music Subscriber, enable the mixes For You to synchronize with Apple Watch. When the music in these mixes changes, the content stored in your watch will also change.
  6. In Playlists and music, touch “ + ” to add music.
  7. Search music to synchronize by playing " + " next to the playlists, artists, albums, genres, complications and composers you want.

Your iPhone will now sync music with your Apple Watch. Keep both devices close to complete the process.

 Apple Watch music application

  Apple Watch adds music

Deleting music from Apple Watch [19659012] Even Apple watches more New have only 32 GB of storage. Because of this, the time may come when you want to delete music from your device. To do so:

  1. Touch the application Apple Watch on iPhone.
  2. On the My Clock tab, select Music .
  3. If you are an Apple Music subscriber, disable For You Mixes to remove it from Apple Watch.
  4. In Playlists & Music, slide left on the content you want to delete.
  5. Touch Delete .

 Apple Watch delete music

Listen to music on Apple Watch

On Apple Watch you will see four main sections in the main screen music application: On iPhone, Now playing, Library and for you.

  • On iPhone : Use these controls to play music content on your iPhone.
  • Now playing : Here is the link to The song that is currently playing. On this screen, you can pause, play, rewind / forward music and more.
  • Library : Do you remember the music you previously synchronized? Is here. Play from your Apple Watch with headphones or Bluetooth speakers.
  • For you : you will find content based on your tastes and listening history. Sometimes it includes a strange mix and new music and old resources.

  Apple Watch music

What about the radio?

Apple Music subscribers can also listen to the radio broadcast from their watch. You can do it through the radio application aptly called. You will need an Internet connection to listen to the content.

  1. Touch Digital Crown on Apple Watch.
  2. Choose the application Radio .
  3. Touch ] On the iPhone to listen to the radio from your iPhone.
  4. Choose Stations to listen to Apple Music radio stations.
  5. Scroll with Digital Crown to find the content you hear

 Apple Music Radio

Apple Watch Podcasts

By default, when you load your Apple Watch, the podcasts you subscribe to on the iPhone sync with your portable device. You can also sync podcasts with your Apple Watch manually.

How to sync podcasts with your Apple Watch

  1. Tap the application Settings on the iPhone.
  2. Choose Podcasts .
  3. Activate Synchronize podcasts . (This should be enabled by default).

 Podcast configuration


  1. Touch the application Apple Watch on the iPhone.
  2. Choose Podcasts on the My Clock tab.
  3. Touch Cust0m in Add episodes from.
  4. Toggle shows that you want to synchronize.

Episodes are automatically deleted from your Apple Watch after listening to them.

 choose podcasts on Apple Watch

Listening to podcasts on Apple Watch

On Apple Watch you can see four main sections on the screen of the Podcasts application: On iPhone, Now Playing and Library.

  • On iPhone : Use these controls to play podcasts on your iPhone.
  • Now Playing : Here is the link to the title currently being played. On this screen, you can pause, play, rewind / fast forward, and more.
  • Library : Synchronized podcasts are here. Play the contents of your Apple Watch with headphones or Bluetooth speakers.

  Apple Watch Podcasts

Apple makes it possible to listen to music and podcasts directly on your Apple Watch. In addition, you can use your portable device to control the contents of your iPhone. These tools improve the clock and take it beyond being simply a training device.

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