How to leave the iOS 13 beta program

Are you running the beta version of iOS 13.1? At this time, it is practically ready to use, for most people. But with the official release coming soon, how do you change from the beta version to the official official version? The good news is that it is easy. Here's how.

What happens if I don't delete the beta version?

Changing the beta version of iOS 13 is as easy as removing the beta profile that you installed when you first signed up for the developer's beta version or the beta audience. But what happens if you don't delete it?

The simple answer is that you will continue to receive beta updates. These usually come shortly after the official public release of the stable version. For example, when Apple pushes iOS13.1 to everyone's iPhones and iPads, there will usually be an iOS 13.1.1 or iOS 13.2 beta shortly thereafter.

But there are other complications. For example, when iOS 13 is made public, you will not see the notification in the Software Update section of your Settings application. That is probably fine. The most recent beta version is likely to be the same as the public version. But maybe it isn't.

This happens because, when you install a beta profile, you not only get access to the beta version of iOS. It is also cutting off access to non-beta versions.

How to delete the iOS 13 beta profile

To cancel enrollment in the beta program, go to Settings> General and scroll down to section Profile :

  This is where the beta profile is saved.
This is where the beta profile is saved.
Photo: Cult of Mac [19659012] Touch that. You will see a list of all the configuration profiles installed on your device. It is likely that you only have one, the iOS 13 profile, so touch it and you will reach this screen:

  Touch to delete the iOS 13 profile.
Touch to delete the iOS 13 profile.
Photo : Cult of Mac

Touch Delete profile and allow your device to restart. That's. You are out of the beta program. Now, when you open Settings> SoftWare Update you will see the same updates as everyone else. Everyone who is not on a beta track, at least. If you are doing this right after the initial release of iOS 13, you are likely to see the full version, ready to download. Ahead!

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