How to install the Android Q beta on a Google Pixel

Android Q has been announced, and now you can download and install the first preview for developers on your Pixel device. Since this is a beta version intended primarily for developers, you may want to think twice before installing it on your personal phone. The previous beta phases for Android 8 Oreo and Android 9 Pie finally became quite stable for daily tasks, but only after a few months of availability.

If you want to download the new software, you will need a pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL. Surprisingly, Google is even extending support to the original Pixels. The installation process for the new operating system is quite simple, but if you have problems that want to return to a more stable version of Android 9 Pie, you must completely reformat your phone.

Here's how to get the latest Android software (and currently unfinished) on your Pixel phone.

Make a backup of your device

It is very important to make sure that your data is backed up. Before starting, open your configuration, navigate to "System" and once you click, press "Backup". This screen will indicate if your phone is configured to back up your data. If the setting is enabled, it does a good job of informing you when you last backed up the most important things on your phone in your Google Drive. If this function is not activated, turn it on.

The initial backup may take a while, but if Android Q works poorly, you'll be happy to know that your data (including applications, SMS text messages, photos and videos, call history and more) are ready for you to Download if you need to reinstall Android 9 Pie. Google points out that even when you back up your data, errors can still occur when degrading your software, so do not be surprised if things do not feel exactly as you left them.

Enroll in beta

If you're not the type of person who wants to unlock your phone's bootloader, I can not blame you. Google allows Pixel owners to sign up for the beta by simply signing in with a Google account and then selecting the compatible device they would like to install. You will get an update by air in that way, as you normally would for stable versions of Android.

Once you click on "Register", you will eventually receive an update notification on the enrolled device that an update system is ready. You may need to search for a system update in order to obtain the beta software, but generally not It takes a long time to be ready to download. (Google says it could take 24 hours or more, but we rarely had to wait that long. The beta version reached one of our phones less than half an hour after registration). As the new previews of the Android Q developers appear, I will also receive a notification to install them, as I would with any regular update of the system.

Alternatively, you can transfer the beta version of Android Q to your Pixel phone. Google has provided a list of image downloads for compatible phones, but you should only take this path if you are a developer, or if you simply want to do things the hard way. Phones that are updated in this way will not receive updates by air for the next beta versions, so if you want the latest features of Android Q without major problems, just sign up for the beta version.

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