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VirtualBox is a fantastic software especially for developers.
But it does not have everything in the box. You
Performance issues and integration with native operating systems
(Also known as the "host" OS) is not great. There are a few other issues you can run.

Fortunately, virtualization can solve the problem.
The operating system (also known as the "guest" OS) is running. You can do the following:

VirtualBox Guest Additions

The VirtualBox guessing add-in provides additional functionality using a series of add-ons called Guest Additions.
And apps that run more smoothly on certain guest operating systems. This can be done.
You can get better graphics performance, but the guest OS
Your system is better. This includes better mouse pointer integration, cropping, and
Paste from operating system, drag and drop.

Windows also allows you to run applications on guest operating systems.
You can use your system with standard apps. You need to show specific ads

Supported systems

VirtualBox Guest Additions supports Windows and Linux.
This includes multiple versions of Linux, but can not guarantee execution.
All single deployments. Even if Guest Additions are installed correctly
It is not always possible to calculate that all possible functions are working properly.

Unfortunately, macOS is not currently supported
Support seems to be coming anytime. To be clear,
Supported by macOS guest. Guest Additions can be used with with on MacOS.
No Problem Windows or Linux Guest

Installing Guest Additions to Windows Guest

After running Windows in VirtualBox, go to the menu bar and select the Devices menu. Here, scroll down and select "Insert Guest CD image".

  Virtualbox Guest Addition Windows

Open My Computer or My PC. You can see the Guest Additions CD in the left menu. Otherwise, you can click on this PC to view it. Double-click the CD, and then double-click "VBoxWindowsAdditions". You are prompted to install the guest add-on.

Installing Guest Additions to Linux Guests [19659005] Before starting with Linux, you will want to make sure you have it.
Basic build tools and kernel headers must be installed. You

  Virtualbox Guest Additions Ubuntu Guest Addition

On the VirtualBox menu bar, go to the Device menu and select "Insert Guest Addition CD image". A disk icon appears on your desktop.

You may see a pop-up asking if you want to run the CD. If not, double-click the CD icon to launch it. Terminal will start. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

  Virtualbox Guest Additional Information Ubuntu Prompt


The guest operating system should run more smoothly and without problems. If you are running an operating system other than Windows or Linux, these Guest Additions will not help.

Certain problems may occur even if Guest Additions is installed. Running Ubuntu as a guest can cause problems, such as Ubuntu or VirtualBox hanging. The good news is that we can help. Take a look at the guide that shows how to lock Ubuntu in VirtualBox. `

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