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The desktop version of Google Desktop has thousands of extensions that can greatly enhance your internet usage, from ad blocking to grammar correction. Mobile Chrome users aren't lucky. The official mobile Chrome browser does not support this. To install and use the Chrome extension on your Android device, there is a workaround detailed below.

Kiwi Browser Installation

You'll need an alternative to the default Chrome browser to get started. Kiwi Browser is based on the Chromium project, which is based on Chrome itself, and looks similar.

There are a lot of similarities, but there are a few differences you need to know. For example, it's based on Chromium, not Chrome, so you can't sync your bookmarks or browser history using your Google Account.

 Kiwi install for mobile Chrome extension

Good news about extensions Unlike Chrome for Android, Kiwi Browser makes it easy to install desktop Chrome extensions.

Get started by downloading Kiwi Browser from the Google Play Store.

Search for Chrome Extensions

The tricky part of installing Chrome desktop extensions on Android is that there's no easy-to-download portal Will. You'll have to use the Chrome Web Store with an amazingly non-mobile friendly design.

Go to the Chrome Web Store to zoom with your fingers or rotate the display for better access. Either way, you can't avoid the fact that it's going to be a bit silly.

 Mobile Chrome Extensions Chrome Store

The extension installation process is almost exactly the same here. On the desktop. The Chrome Web Store provides a list of recommendations with the most recently updated and popular sections. There is also "Editor Picks" where you can select the item Google has chosen.

To find specific items, use the search bar in the upper left of the page to search for extensions to install.

Add a Chrome extension over the key

If you find the extension you're looking for in the search, click the & # 39; Add to Chrome & # 39; button next to it. Or click the store page to find information about the extension first. The "Add to Chrome" button also appears.

 Add Mobile Chrome Extension Extension

If you require additional permissions, you will be prompted to approve. Click “OK” and wait for the extension to install. Click the Settings button (three vertical dots) to see if the installation is complete. From here, click & # 39; Extension & # 39 ;.

The Extensions page is very similar to the Extensions page you can see in Chrome. When Kiwi Browser installs an extension, it will be displayed here and preset to use.

If you have a Chrome extension CRX or ZIP file, you can also load the extension manually. To do this, activate "Developer mode" at the top right of the extension page. From here, click & # 39; Load & # 39; and select the extension to enable later.

Remove Chrome Extensions with Chrome

If you're not interested in extensions, they're almost like removing an extension from Chrome. You can uninstall the extension. Go to the Extensions page, find the extension, and click "Remove."

 Mobile Chrome Extension Kiwi Extension

Kiwi Browser asks if you want to remove the extension. Click "OK" to confirm the removal or "Cancel".

 Uninstalling mobile Chrome extension extensions

Like Chrome, you can also disable extensions in Kiwi Browser. On the Extensions page, clicking the blue slider in the bottom right corner of each extension will disable it.

Desktop web experience on mobile phones

Kiwi doesn't just support extensions that make the browser a good thing. Open source alternative for Chrome on Android devices. It comes with built-in ad blocks, crypto jacking protection, and many customizations to make it one of the best mobile browsers for Android.

What is your experience with Kiwi and is there a Chrome extension? d Do you recommend Android? Let us know in the comments.

Image Credit: Kiwi Browser Logo via Google Play Store

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