How to Hide or Remove a Game From Your Steam Library

  Steam Game Library

Steam shows all the games you bought or received as a gift from the library. It will remember some free games you have installed. However, you can hide the game from the library or permanently delete it from your account.

Hiding and removing games Difference

You can unhide. Hiding a steam game hides it from the standard library view. Someone can see the game with just a few clicks, and you can unhide the game in the future. You can even play hidden games. It is just a way to instantly wipe the game from under the rug.

Removal is permanent. When you remove a game from your Steam account, the game is permanently deleted. Games are not visible in my library. Previously, you had to contact Steam customer support to request it, but there is a standard way to remove a game with just a few clicks. Note: You will need to purchase again to play the game again in the future.

How to hide a steam game

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" This game from my library "option in Steam

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<p><h2>  Find or hide hidden Steam games </h2>
<p>  To view hidden Steam games, click on the category box to the right of the search box in the Game Library and select "</p>
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To unhide hidden games, right-click here and select "Remove From Hidden."

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How to remove a game from a Steam account

Before removing a Steam game from your library, you must remove the game from your computer. If you first remove the game from your account, you will not be able to remove it normally, so you will need to find the file on your hard drive or SSD and manually remove it.

To permanently delete a game, click the Help menu> Steam Support

 Steam Support option in the Help menu

If you have done this recently, it will appear at the top of the list. You can search for games by name using the search box at the bottom of this page.


Get support for your game [Iwanttopermanentlyremovethisgamefrommyaccount"(Ifyouhavebeenplayingthegameforlessthan2hoursinthepasttwoweeks

 Options to permanently remove the game from your Steam account

Steam will not be able to remove the game from your account. If you purchased or activated the game as part of a bundle, Steam also displays and removes related games.

"OK, permanently remove the listed games from your account.

 Confirmation of Steam Game Removal

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