How to follow the US midterm elections online

One of the most obvious US elections in recent history is being held tonight as an opportunity to rule the Republican Senate and House, or Democrats to try the Parliament almost two years after the administration of Donald Trump. Obviously, many people are looking for ways to participate in and monitor modern elections through online voting in many ways, including online voting through journalism organizations, TV news channels, and other media,

Beginning with the polling and results coming in, the non-partisan group provides real-time news and analysis. Even if you can not tailor your cable and TV to a news channel, or if you do not have an antenna to watch the results through your local broadcaster, you can stay on top of what happens tonight with a variety of news websites, social media tools, and interactive graphics. Here's how to get started.

Network Results Range

ABC News: | Watch Facebook | YouTube

CBS News: |

Fox News (19659008)

C-SPAN: Fox News (19659009) Need to certify cable : [19659011] NBC News: | | YouTube

PBS: Periscope


The New York Times

The New York Times is the most comprehensive election coverage in the United States and a great place to announce on election night. The organization has numerous reporters scattered throughout the country and is on the main battleground to monitor major races, but has one of the most talented graphic teams in the industry to perform data visualization and other visual storytelling. NYT The NYT a journalist and editor, Nate Silver, who was offered to follow up with the midterm tonight tonight, It has become the cornerstone of online election surveillance since it began providing other important election materials. NYT to ESPN t ABC News The election results are one of the most data-centric visual places that have been changed many times by owners but can be monitored. FiveThirtyEight makes the following suggestions tonight:

  • Housing forecasts, Senate forecasts and governor forecasts: These forecasts are based on the FiveThirtyEight Deluxe model projection system .
  • Midterms Live Blogs and Analysis: FiveThirtyEight The reporter analyzes the results. This is the result of how these predictions have changed over time and how they are segmented by region and weekly seats. Vox


Sister site of The Verge is a collection of real-time interactive graphics based on data from projection models There is an election-only section where you can create historical and voting bills that can be found to be particularly influential and influential, although there are hubs that result in mid-term monitoring of the House and Senate. Vox provides a thorough guide for all women in the country.


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