How to follow messages in Slack

Never lose an answer to an important message on a Slack channel, with the Follow message function.

How to follow messages on Slack
Never lose an answer to an important message on a Slack channel, with the Follow message function.

increasingly widespread, you are probably flooded with an avalanche of messages in your team's workspace. It is a good problem, since it means that your team is using the tool to improve collaboration. However, this increase in use means that important messages and threads can be lost in the wash.

Fortunately, Slack developers have taken care to ensure that you have the necessary tools to keep track of those messages. A particular feature that you should know is the Follow message option. By following a message, you can be sure that an important piece of text, and any follow-up, will not be lost under the weight of the communications.

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The function is easy to use, once you know where to find it, and it is available for the versions of desktop and mobile Slack service. There is only a slight difference in how the function is used, depending on whether it is in the mobile or desktop application.

Let's take a look at both.

What you will need

The only things you will need are:

  1. Either the Slack desktop or mobile application (Android / iOS)
  2. A Slack account
  3. A workspace to login

With those pieces in hand, let's follow some messages.

What is a message?

It's a strange question, but there needs to be some clarification. The messages I refer to are not direct messages, but messages that have been published on a channel. Most likely, you will not lose direct messages. Messages posted within a busy channel, on the other hand, can easily be lost. Those are the types of messages that we will follow.

How to follow a message in Slack using the mobile application

First we will see the mobile version of Slack. To follow a message, first locate the message from the channel you want to follow. Once you have located the message, touch it. In the resulting window ( Figure A ), touch the menu button (three vertical dots).

Figure A

A message to follow.

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A message to follow.

In the drop-down menu, tap Follow message ( Figure B ).

Figure B

Following a message.

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However, when a message receives a response, appears in the Threads ( Figure C [19459052section] ).

Figure C

Our messages followed.

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  1. Locate the message to follow.
  2. Click the menu button associated with the message.
  3. Click Follow message ( Figure D ).

Figure D

Following a message in the Slack desktop version.

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And that's it to follow a message in both the mobile and desktop version of the Slack application. Using this function will ensure that you never miss a response to an important topic within a workspace channel in Slack.

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