How to Fix Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High disk Usage

Despite many positive characteristics of window telemetry, many complaints were received in this respect. Customers claim that Microsoft's telemetry implements 50% of their disk, which causes their system to process even more slowly. To solve this problem, we are writing the article here. In today's session, we will let you know how to correct the problem of using the Microsoft compatibility telemetry disk.

Microsoft Telemetry Data Window

Well, this is the most important module that describes the operation and capabilities of different programs and applications. This was introduced since the telemetry data includes basic system information along with the system files, the logos of how often the applications are in use and you carry the applications. The objective of the module is to select the data and send it to the server where it performs the task accordingly. Basically, it solves server problems that are diagnosed based on the collected data.

Problem with Microsoft Telemetry

Although the module is viable and improves compatibility with Microsoft, consumers still reported some complaints. Telemetry carries a maximum amount of data usage that disturbs all processing and makes the processor slow. If you are facing this problem, we have some tips to solve it. Here we describe the points by which you can not completely disable telemetry, but you can close some of your modules to further improve performance.

How to fix the problem of use of the Microsoft compatibility telemetry disk.

It is not that much more difficult to deactivate Microsoft Windows Telemetry, we offer you the best solutions below.

  1. Deactivation of Microsoft compatibility telemetry using the Group Policy Editor

The first method we tell you is to deactivate the group policy editor. But sometimes it happens that some PCs do not have the group policy editor installed. Then, check first and if your PC has this option, follow the steps listed below.

  • At first, press the Window + R button to open the running dialog, and then type gpedit. msc then select OK to complete the action
  • When writing the words mentioned above, your group policy editor will open.
  • Follow the indicated path to continue with the process,

Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> Windows Components> Data Collection and preview compilations.

  • Select the telemetry option and then go to the Select option to solve the problem.
  • Restart your device and verify if this problem was resolved or not.
  • To verify this, press window + R and type

Even if the problem persists, go to the second option offered below.

  1. Deactivation of Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry Using Registry Editor

Here is another method to disable telemetry by changing some of the keys in the registry editor. Make sure you have enough idea about what key will change. Because, in case you change some other important key, you can put your PC or laptop at risk. Or they may even stop working. So stay conscious and be careful about it.

To change the keys of the registry editor, follow the simple steps that are detailed below.

  • At first, press the + R window to open the dialog box, and then type . msc then select OK to complete the action
  • You will be asked for permission, so allow it by pressing YES
  • In the next step, follow the path as,

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SOFTWARE> Policies > Microsoft> Windows> Data Collection

  • While accessing the Data Collection option, select it and choose New and then DWORD (32 bits) Value.
  • This will generate a new value in the name of Allow telemetry. Select this new added value and then set the value date to zero (0) and press OK to complete the action.
  • Open the task manager to verify if the problem has been solved or not.
  • Preferably restart your device and to verify the purpose, press window + R and type taskmgr.

Before going through this method, make sure you are logged on as an administrator because administrative privileges are as important as they are mandatory for this.

  1. Deactivation of Microsoft compatibility telemetry using CMD

  • This is the method to solve problem b by going through the command prompt. For this, we have the following procedure. Take a tour
  • Press the window key and type Command Prompt.
  • Select the option by right clicking on it
  • Start executing it as administrator
  • Once our window opens, write the commands one by one and perform the action by entering the enter key.
  • The command is sc delete DiagTrack sc delete dmwappushservice echo "">
  • C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Diagnosis \ ETLLogs \ AutoLogger AutoLogger-Diagtrack-Listener.etl reg add
  • "HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ DataCollection" / v AllowTelemetry / t REG_DWORD / d 0 / f
  • After completing this, go to the manager and review the problem. Whether it was solved or not.
  1. Deactivation of Microsoft compatibility telemetry Direct elimination of compattelrummer.exe from the taskbar

If you remove this compattelrunner.exe from the taskbar, your Microsoft telemetry will stop working completely and will not run in the task manager. Basically, the process is changing in the task scheduler, in which the task time has been set. After that specific time established, the process begins to execute the task and continues until the work is done. Take a look at the shared method below.

  • Press Windows + R to start the running application
  • Enter here taskschd. msc and then press the enter key
  • Once you enter the task scheduler, follow the path mentioned below,

Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft> Windows> Application Experience

  • In the Application Experiences, here you will have a choice of the Microsoft Compatibility Evaluator (Compattelrunner.exe)
  • Disable it by right-clicking
  • ] This will turn off Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry
  • Restart your computer to verify the problem.

This was it all Fix the problem of Microsoft compatibility telemetry. We hope that, but by following the methods mentioned above, you will solve the problem of your PC. But if the problem persists, try to take ownership of the executable process and change the permission so that it can not function automatically.

Once again for this administrative privilege it is very important.

How to take it Ownership of the process and permission to change.

This is done if the Microsoft compatibility telemetry problem still exists even after making changes to the registry editor, group policy editor, and deleting it directly from the taskbar. To solve the problem, follow the steps described below. Take a look below.

  • At first, press Window + E to execute the Explorer window
  • Find the executable file, which will be called Compettalrunner.exe
  • Select this and go to its properties
  • Go to the security tab and here you will have the option of Advance, exactly in the lower right part
  • Then you will have the option to change
  • When you click on the change option, a new window will appear. This will ask you about the group or user of the owner, then select the option Advance
  • . Find all the users or groups listed by clicking Search Now
  • . In the list, find your account and select it
  • Click OK and then complete the action by selecting the APPLY
  • option. Reopen the properties, so that the changes are implemented, in a moment.
  • Once you reopen the properties, click on the change permission and then change it to "Modify and change permissions" only for the administrator.
  • At some other time, if you want this permission to change is executable, then open it again and change the execution option.
  • Remove all other listed permissions as a security concern and restart your PC or laptop to see if the problem was resolved or not.

how can you solve your Microsoft telemetry problem by changing some commands and keys, in case your problem persists, let us know, but we hope this article helps you solve your problem.

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