How to Fix Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High disk Usage

Despite many positive features of window telemetry, many complaints have been received. The customer claims that Microsoft telemetry deploys 50% of the disk to handle its system much slower. I am writing this article here to solve this problem. In today's session, we will tell you how to fix Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

Window Microsoft Telemetry Data

This is the most important module that describes the operation and functionality of various software and applications. This was introduced because the telemetry data, along with the system files, contains the system's basic information, the frequency of app usage, and the apps. The module is responsible for selecting the data and sending it to the server performing the work accordingly. It basically resolves server problems diagnosed based on collected data.

Problems with Microsoft Telemetry

This module is executable and improves Microsoft compatibility, but some complaints have been reported by consumers. Telemetry carries the maximum data usage that hinders overall processing and slows down the processor. If you encounter this problem, there are some tips you can try. Here, we can not completely disable telemetry, but we can close some of the modules to further improve performance.

How to fix Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry There are a lot of disk usage problems.


  1. Disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry using the Group Policy Editor

Disabling the Group Policy Editor is the first thing you will notice. Sometimes, however, some PCs do not have the Group Policy Editor installed. So first make sure you have this option on your PC and then follow the steps below.

  • At first, press Window + R to open a running dialog, then gpedit. Type msc .
  • When you type the word mentioned above, the Group Policy Editor opens.
  • Proceed with

Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> Windows Components> Data according to the given path. Build and preview builds.

  • Select the telemetry option, then select the option to resolve the problem.
  • Restart the device and see if the issue is resolved.
  • To verify the purpose

    1. Disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry by using Registry Editor

    There is another way to disable remote measurements by changing some keys in the Registry Editor. Make sure you have enough ideas for the key you want to change. If you change any other important keys, you can endanger your PC or notebook. Or it may stop functioning.

    To change the key in the Registry Editor, follow the simple steps below.

    • At first, press Window + R to open a running dialog and type gpedit. msc Then select OK to complete the operation.
    • Permission is required, so press YES to accept.
    • In the Next Steps

    • Select the Data Collection option, then select New and select the DWORD (32 bit) value. [HOWTO] HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>
    • This will create a new value with the name Allow Remote Measurement. Select this newly added value, set the date value to 0, and click OK to complete the operation.
    • Open Task Manager to see if the issue is resolved.
    • To restart the device preferably and check its purpose, hold down window + R and type taskmgr.

    Before you can use this method, you must be logged in as an administrator because administrative rights are required.

    1. Disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry using CMD

    • The following is a way to troubleshoot issue b through the command prompt. To do this, you have the following steps: Take a tour
    • Press the window key and enter the command prompt.
    • Click the right button to select an option
    • Start running with administrator
    • When the window opens, enter the command
    • The command is sc delete. DiagTrack sc delete dmwappushservice echo "19659012" C: ProgramData Microsoft Diagnosis \ ETLLogs \ AutoLogger AutoLogger-Diagtrack-Listener.etl reg add
    • "HKLM \ software \ policy Microsoft Windows DataCollection "/ v AllowTelemetry / t REG_DWORD / d 0 / f
    • Contact your administrator to determine the problem.
    1. Disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry Manually remove compattelrummer.exe from the taskbar

    If this compattelrunner.exe is removed from the taskbar, Microsoft Remote Measurement stops working completely and the task manager It will not run. By default, the process that sets the working time in the Task Scheduler changes. When this particular time is set, the process starts running the job and continues until the job is completed.

    • Press Window + R to launch the running app.
    • here taskschd. Type msc and press Enter. Microsoft Windows> Application Environment

      • Here we have the Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser (Compattelrunner.exe) option in the application experience
      • Disabled by right-clicking
      • Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry is off
      • Restart the computer to check for problems.

      Fix Microsoft compatibility remote measurement issue. I hope you can solve the PC problem by following the above mentioned method. However, if the problem persists, take ownership of the executable process and change permissions so that it does not automatically work.

      Again, this administrative privilege is important.

      How to Take Ownership of Processes and Change Permissions

      This is done if the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry problem still exists after you make a change in the Group Policy Editor in Registry Editor, and then manually remove it from the taskbar. To troubleshoot the problem, follow these steps:

      • At first, press Window + E to launch Window Explorer.
      • Look for an executable called Compettalrunner.exe.
      • Select this and go to Properties.
      • Moves to the Move Security tab and the Advance option appears at the bottom right.
      • Then change the options.
      • Clicking the Change option opens a new window. Ask the owner's group or user, then select the Advance
      • option. Find Now
      • to find the user or group in the list. Find your account in the list and select it.
      • Click OK.
      • Select the APPLY option to reopen the properties for the changes to take effect.
      • If you reopen the property, go to Change Permissions and then only allow "Modify and Change" permissions
      • If you want this change permission to be executable, reopen it at another time and change the option to Run.
      • Remove all other privileges listed as a safety issue and restart your PC or laptop to see if the issue is resolved.

      This will solve some Microsoft telemetry problems by changing some commands and keys. If the problem persists, please let me know. However, this article will help you solve the problem.

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