How to fix a stuck iOS software update

iOS updates are usually quite reliable. Even during the beta phase with errors of a new version of iOS, the updates themselves generally run smoothly. But sometimes they get stuck. Or it seems they got stuck.

The following explains how to differentiate these two scenarios. And, if your iOS update really hung up, what to do about it.

How long does an iOS update take?

  Even Apple's update screens are wonderfully minimal.
Even Apple's update screens are wonderfully minimal. [19659006] Photo: Apple

Sometimes, an iOS update will take longer than expected. A new version (moving from iOS 12 to iOS 13, for example) will generally take longer than a timely update (such as iOS 13 to iOS 13.1. Apple's official line is that iOS updates can take up to an hour: [19659007] The progress bar shows the progress of the installation The amount of time depends on the amount of files on the device and whether you are deleting, updating or updating your iOS or iPadOS.

This process it may take as little as a minute if your device has little or no information or if you are deleting the device.If your device contains a large number of files, the process can take several minutes to an hour.

During that time, the only indication that something is happening is the progress bar on the screen, but this does not always help.If the iOS update crashes, it can be difficult to know if the bar is really moving. in the end, and stay there for a long time.

How to know if an iOS update is still running

If you really want to know if your iOS update is locked or not, the trick is to press any of the hardware buttons on your iPhone or iPad. Do it and, if things go as planned, this message will appear: "iPhone will restart when the update is complete."

But if the update is blocked, how can it be completed?

How to fix a blocked update

There are several methods to start a stuck update. The most important thing is to wait. The update can really move slowly. may only need a few more minutes. But if that progress bar remains stagnant at the end for half an hour or so, it will probably never end. Not without help.

Whenever this happens to me, I simply restart the iPhone or iPad. It seems that it will completely kill your device, and maybe it can. Make sure you are aware of the possible consequences of the forced restart of your device in the middle of an operating system update.

However, if that update is totally blocked, then you don't have many options. Simply restart your iPhone or iPad and wait for the update to complete. Every time I do this, the update is completed quickly.

How do you reset your iOS device during an update?

  Make sure you know the names of the buttons on your iPhone.
Make sure you know the names of the buttons on your iPhone.
Photo: Apple

Each iPhone model has its own set of button presses that will force it to restart. These sequences became increasingly arcane as the number of available buttons decreased over time. My favorite is the reset sequence for the iPhones X, which looked like entering a cheat code into a game console from the 1990s. From Apple's support page:

  1. Press and release the upload button the volume.
  2. Press and release the volume down button.
  3. Press and hold the side button.
  4. When the Apple logo appears, release the button.

Visit that page to see how to force restart any iOS device. And good luck.

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