How to find Xûr in Destiny 2 this weekend

how to find xur in destiny 2 this weekend

Xûr, Agent of the Nine, is a mysterious figure of Destiny 2 that provides us with exotic equipment on weekends. He is also kind of you, since there have been weeks in which he is my only source of Exotics. You can buy your stuff for legendary fragments, so make sure you have a good supply on Friday morning.

Xûr stocks change weekly, and it always has something for each class, as well as a mysterious engram that could contain anything, so it is still worth looking for if possible.

How can you find Xûr in Destiny 2?

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Xûr is something like a wandering soul, and technically it can appear in any of the public spaces of the game. Fortunately, he seems to like only a few different ones, but we are always prepared to find him wherever he is.

Xûr appears at 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT / 6 p.m. United Kingdom time on a Friday, before disappearing exactly 48 hours later on Sunday morning.

Where is this week?

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This week Xûr is in the tower hangar. He hangs out in the back of the tower near the boats. When entering the hangar, turn left and go to the end. Just before falling, look left and you will see some stairs, go to the top and turn right; Xûr will be at the end, waiting with some goodies.

Along with the Isochronic Engram – it gives you an exotic you don't own – for 97 legendary fragments, Xûr also has:

  • The Jade Rabbit Explorer Rifle [19659010] Mechaneer Tricksleeves Gauntlets (Hunter)
  • helmet Stag (Warlock)
  • Gauntlets Ashen Wake (Titan)

While the Jade Rabbit is an acceptable exploration rifle, there are better ones available, so if you don't do it & # 39; I don't have many fragments, it would take me a while to buy it.

Nor would I worry about Tricksleeves if you're a Hunter unless you love secondary weapons for some strange reason. They help a lot with the side weapons, but nothing more.

Being able to release a healing circle like a sorcerer is very useful. The deer allows you to do that with an important warning; You have to die first. That is not so useful for you, but it could be for your team.

While I love the name Ashen Wake, the exotic itself is not very useful. It does not add any unique damage or ability to your Titan; Just let your grenades explode on impact. It would not bother me.

The Isochronic Engram is always a bet, of course. This week I bought a Riskrunner machine gun, which is exciting. I am looking forward to stringing an electric arc throughout the Vex.

Who is Xûr, Agent of the Nine?

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Xûr is a mysterious seller in Destiny 2, which provides access to exotic weapons, armor and various consumable items. , in exchange for a specific currency. While exotic engrams are a way of ensuring random drops of high-value loot, Xûr provides direct access to particular items, provided they are stored.

What makes Xûr unique is its dynamic characteristics, with a brief appearance every week, in a random location This means that every weekend, Xûr and its inventory will only be accessible for a limited period, in a place not Revealed within the world of Destiny 2. To access your products, you must track exactly where you are this week, although the site can usually be found quite easily once anxious players post details online.

Xûr also has a dynamic inventory, with an ever-changing selection of products to choose from every week. In the first Destiny, Xûr always offered an exotic piece of equipment for each class and a single exotic weapon, and a similar offer can also be purchased in Destiny 2. Due to its stock of cycling items, dedicated players are advised that Check weekly, in case Xûr is storing an item you intend to unlock.

Moon & # 39; s heunted

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The Shadowkeep expansion sends players to the Moon to fend off a new nightmare enemy, all while a Vex invasion is coming on the horizon.

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