How to find Diamonds in Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth Early Access is constantly spreading all over the world, bringing the successful blockbuster to life through augmented reality. Diamonds return among the most valuable resources of the game, crucial for the creation of high performance teams. Get rich quickly with our tips to locate and use diamonds in Minecraft Earth.

How to find diamonds in Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth places great emphasis on Tappables, serving random objects in the real world. However, although it is ideal for essential resources and crowds, many of the rarest items can be obtained by other means.

The adventures are currently exclusive to Seattle (WA), New Zealand and Iceland. Expect wider availability as early access implementation continues.

Diamonds are exclusive to Adventures at launch, the dedicated search style modes of Minecraft Earth. The adventures place players on a cured building board, harbor valuable minerals, hostile mobs, among other sought-after items. They are high risk and high reward meetings, which also promote cooperative experiences for shared bonds. Unlike Tappables, adventures are commonly found in public spaces such as parks or landmarks, attracting players close to these open areas.

Before joining Adventures, you will need to insure the required equipment. An iron spike is required when extracting diamonds, built with iron ingots and wooden sticks. We also recommend swords or bows to protect against the threats below. Equip it in your quick access bar before joining to avoid leaving behind reliable tools.

Diamonds are only found underground at lower levels and are stored in minerals like other minerals. Once the area is safe, extract the diamond ore to populate your inventory automatically. As your quick access bar clears when you die, stay safe until the adventure ends, and get a valuable reward.

Uses for diamonds in Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth currently has a limited range of items that can be manufactured with diamonds. You can get the iconic tool quartet: picks, axes, picks and swords. Diamond blocks can also be made with nine pieces of diamonds. Currently, other applications are prohibited, without armor or charming systems at launch.

All diamond-based items in Minecraft Earth are found in the crafting menu. Once extracted, the diamonds fall from their ore, eliminating the smelting requirement in advance.

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