How to find and play’s secret adventure game

Google was a single website and search box before it was a smartphone manufacturer, email provider and smart home company. But even this seemingly simple service still has some tricks on the sleeve. Users have found that full-text adventures are hidden on (via RockPaperShotgun), and anyone with a secret way to find them can use it.

You need a valid browser before you can gain access. Like Firefox and Edge, Google's native browser, Chrome, naturally supports it. Unfortunately, Safari does not support this particular Easter egg

how to find and play google coms secret adventure game

If you use a browser of your choice, you'll first need the word "text adventure" on Google.

Next Right click on the page and select "Inspect" (Windows keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + I or Option + I for Cmd + Mac also works.) Select the "Console" tab from the pop-up menu

? "

Typing" Yes "next to the prompt will start a light adventure exploring the Google campus I've tried to find a letter with the company name

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When I bring the Developer Console to the search results page, "

If you've never done a text adventure before, you can control your character through typing. If you enter "north", "south", "east" or "west" you will move the world and other commands such as "catch" and "use"

It sounds complicated, but it's actually funny. While I was writing an article on how to find this Easter egg, it was so easy to get stuck and lose time

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