How to Feed as a Vampire in Skyrim 2020 guide

Playing Skyrim with Vampire Road is not only a very fun experience but also a challenging and rewarding experience. Knowing how to Feed as a Vampire in Skyrim and suppress the negative effects of nature is important for the role of a vampire.

Feed guide 2020

To play as a vampire in Skyrim, you must first launch the DLC for Dawn Guards until you arrive at the Harkon Lord Volkitar. Doing so is relatively easy and does not require much effort.

Once you reach this point in this add-on quest, you can proceed to the main quest line as a vampire or as DawnguardDLC. There are perks and equipment to receive while still maintaining DLC, but it is not required.

The perks available when leveling up the Vampire Road skill tree are massive defense against frost attacks and multiple lifesaving magic.

To raise this skill tree, you must be in the vampire monarchy and feed the victim.

Why you need a vampire temptation?

The vampire temptation is a kind of power that can only be used once per day per game, which can be achieved by fascinating opponents for up to 30 seconds and Dragon Vaughn achieving level 2 of the vampire.

However, this only applies to opponents who are the specified maximum level of the spell. This is one way you can feed with vampires. Just feed within 30 seconds of using the power.

There are several useful ways to incorporate it into gameplay, such as when you need to recover your fitness or Magicka, or if you don’t intend to attack an NPC. Sometimes vampires make NPC hostile to you when this power is especially useful.

Since this power can only be used once a day, it is not ideal to rely too much on prey, and you may still need to find a sleeping victim. In addition, it is recommended to use this power only in the point-blank range so as not to miss the target.

List of feeding modes for vampires

If you’re using the PC version of Skyrim, several mods can be installed to enhance your overall experience as a vampire or make it easier to feed with one feed.

For example, mod Better Vampires has great customization options and can feed your followers. It provides an unlimited blood supply. In addition, this mode allows you to eat the body, so it is much easier to avoid diseases caused by sunlight and sunlight.

Another great “overhaul” mode for Skyrim is vampire thirst. This not only allows you to walk in the sun after a certain point but also adds realism to Skyrim’s vampire lifestyle. This mod adds hunting and prey game mechanisms that rely on a variety of play styles. Brutal from sneaking.

What are Vampire Treat Gentlemen and Potions

The first contract with Sanguine Vampires or Vampirism can cure the disease. To do so, as long as you act fast, you need to use a therapeutic bottle potion or pray at a shrine. Or you can become a werewolf and remove the curse of a vampire.

Think to be a werewolf instead of a vampire? Here’s why werewolves are so much better than vampires in this quick article. Being a vampire is much harder to find a cure, but it’s not impossible.

If you have a Black Soul Gem, there is a way to cure it. To talk to Falion, you need to go to Morthland. The quest begins with a ritual to cure vampires. Alternatively, using the above mentioned and other available modes will make Vampirism easier to clean.

Feed not working?

To successfully play Skyrim as a vampire and make the most of your experience, you need to be able to feed it. In rare cases, you can’t do that in the game. This can be attributed to many factors, and in this section, we will look at possible fixes and common problems.

It is the only pickpocket when feeding a vampire to point to a sleeping victim someday. This can be frustrating, especially when choosing the perfect place and victim to avoid the unwanted interest of others, especially the guards. The following seems to solve this known problem.

In most cases, there is a mode that negatively interacts with Vampirism, especially if you have the Race Change mode installed. When trying to feed a sleeping victim, the option is pickpocket/feed. In some cases, choosing to treat Vampirism and then using Seranaturn seems to have solved this problem.

If you don’t feed, there may be related bugs. Reloading the store before becoming a vampire and then becoming a vampire again can help with this. There are also known issues when using console commands.

When using a PC while playing as a vampire. It is better not to create vampires using console commands or change your character in any way. This can cause problems with the character and may not be able to feed.

What to do when blood is hungry

When Dawnguard DLC came out as Skyrim, the option to become a vampire lord was available. This DLC has many perks, but unfortunately this feature also has some drawbacks. Normally, if you’ve been infected with Vampirism before Dawnguard, you won’t get attacked if you reach Vampirism level 4.

In Dawnguard, villagers and guards become bloodthirsty or vampire lords, attacking on the field. Thankfully Bethesda had an update that removed this feature, making it as easy as a vampire. This means that even if you transform from a village into a vampire lord, you will still be attacked by all NPCs.

Even if you complete the Dawnguard questline and receive Auriels’ Bow, it’s important to feed them as vampires, blocking the sun when a bloody arrow fires from this weapon. I hope this guide was helpful. We hope you will have plenty of experience when playing Skyrim as a vampire lord.

There are many rewarding benefits to playing this style, and even for veteran elder scrollers, it’s a whole new gameplay.

Skyrim: Feed as a Vampire in 2020

  • You sneak up on technology so you don’t wake your victim
  • Take off heavy armor to reduce noise while smelting
  • Use noise to reduce movement noise.
    Find people sleeping in public places such as castles and temples, because intrusions are usually hindrances to human sleep.
  • If you’re in step 4, you can sneak out using shadow power.
  • Invest in transparent potions and spells
  • If you are looking for a vampire cure, check out our other guides.

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