How to Factory Reset Your iPhone –

You may want to reset your phone just as it was at the time of shipment. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as pushing a clip into a clip on your site and turning it off. Those days vanished a long time ago.

He said it was not as difficult as you can imagine. Whatever your reason for restoring your iPhone to factory settings, it's just a few steps away.

Why Factory Reset iPhone

The main reason for how to restore iPhone is that it comes from the factory. If you are selling or trading it, even if you give it to a friend or family, you will not want to give them all your data. Most carriers offering trade-ins are advised to completely reset the phone without turning off "Find my iPhone."

Another reason, rarely,
Sometimes there is a bug that can only be fixed with a full reset. You probably
We can not be sure, but you may need to start over again before you buy a new phone.

Backing up your data

As you might have guessed, restoring your phone to its factory settings will erase all your data. Because of this, you want to perform a full backup.

You have already backed up
Plan important data synchronization, such as photos and email. In other words,
You may have apps and services installed.
Please reinstall. A full backup makes it easy to reinstall the same item.

iCloud Backup

  How to initialize Iphone backup via Iclou

Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi to get started. Then open Settings, tap the name, then select iCloud, tap "iCloud backup", then tap "Backup Now".

iTunes Backup

  How to initialize an Iphone backup via iTunes

Connect to your Mac or PC and connect iPhone to your computer. If you are prompted to trust the device or enter a code, follow the steps on the screen. When it appears in iTunes, select iPhone, then in the Backup section, select "Back up now" and wait for the process to finish.

Reset iPhone to factory settings

There are two things to note before proceeding: First, make sure you backed it up because it can not be reversed. The second is that it completely erases the iPhone, but it will not be exactly as it came from the factory. Latest version of iOS or at least last

Reset using iTunes

  How to reset an Iphone reset via iTunes

Open iTunes and connect your phone, or if you just backed up to iTunes, connect your phone. Select your iPhone in iTunes, then select the Summary panel.

Initialize on iPhone

  How to reset initialization via iPhone

Select Open Settings, Clear iPhone, General, scroll down and tap Reset. From there, tap "Clear all content and settings". When prompted, enter your password or Apple ID password. The device clears the data and the existing settings. When the process is complete, your phone will reboot.


Now that you have reset iPhone to factory settings,
You can free what you want. Sell ​​it, throw it away, or just throw it away.
If your new phone is lost or damaged, please put it in a drawer as a backup. With you
Backing up your data and moving it to your new iPhone is quick and easy.

Planning is not easy.
On iOS, go to Android. In other words, it is not as difficult as it used to be.
For an example of how to move, see the Moving Guide .
Using Google Drive to move from iOS to Android

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