How to Erase Your Data and Sell Your Old iPhone


When it comes to selling your old iPhone, you'll first want to make sure you erase your data. Then, you must choose the most convenient way to sell it to get the best price.

The best iPhone on the market becomes a late occurrence for many as soon as the last and best model is announced each year. There are many sites more than willing to buy your used phone. These are some of the best places to consider and why you should do it before making a sale.

Before selling

Before giving your phone to another person, there are some things you should do first. These include unlocking your device, and then deleting your personal information.

Unlocking your phone

Mobile phones are locked or unlocked, depending on the operator and its policies. AT&T, for example, blocks phones sold through any of its monthly payment plans, while companies like Verizon do not. From the point of view of the buyer, unlocked phones are worth more money, since they can be used in different operators.

Preferably, you must unlock your phone before selling it. For some companies, this means paying the phone. Be sure to check with your provider to understand the process.

Backup and disposal

Your iPhone knows a lot about you. To protect yourself from wandering eyes, be sure to clean the device before selling it. This process involves making a backup of the device first, then deleting its data.

Ideally, you should already be backing up your device every night through iCloud. Still, do it one last time before restarting the device.

  1. Touch the application Settings on the iPhone.
  2. Select iCloud .
  3. Choose iCloud Backup .
  4. Touch Backup now .

Be sure to complete the backup process before continuing.

 iPhone backup

Next, it's time to delete your iPhone data.

  1. Touch the application Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Select General .
  3. Scroll, then select Reset .
  4. Touch Delete all content and settings .
  5. Choose Delete phone twice, if requested.

Now your iPhone is reset to factory settings. Once the process is complete, your iPhone is ready to sell (or resend to someone).

 iPhone delete all content

Where to sell your iPhone

To sell your iPhone, we recommend continuing with companies such as Gazelle, Swappa, eBay, Amazon and, yes, Manzana. These companies will generally offer more for your phone, although it varies, depending on your model. Craigslist is another option, although there are key points to consider before taking that route.

It is not surprising that the newer your iPhone is, the better it is worth. In addition, the larger the storage, the more you will receive for your device. Then there is the question of the condition. Before quoting a price, most online shoppers will ask a combination of the following questions:

  • Does the device turn on?
  • Is the screen broken?
  • Are there scratches anywhere on the device?
  • fully functional device

Once you receive and accept a quote, there are different procedures for each company.


With Gazelle, you will receive payment once your item is inspected and accepted. The quotes are valid for 30 days and take into account the fees of Gazelle. Therefore, if you are quoted $ 450, that is what you will receive. You can accept payment through PayPal, an gift card (which gives you an additional 3 percent), or check. Gazelle provides free shipping labels with sales.

If Gazelle believes that your device does not meet the condition described, it will give you a revised offer. From there, you can accept or decline the offer within five days. If you refuse, your device is returned and you must pay the shipping.

Due to Gazelle's 30-day price lock, you don't have to worry about iPhone price fluctuations that occur, especially immediately before and after the new iPhone Presentations.



Unlike Gazelle, Swappa tries to match buyers and sellers. By doing so, you are likely to get more for your device than you would get through Gazelle. In this scenario, however, you will not receive a quote. Instead, you must include your article on the Swappa website. Before doing so, Swappa suggests a price based on current market conditions. The buyer pays the fees, which makes it an excellent solution for potential sellers.

Unfortunately, you cannot sell iPhones financed through Swappa. Therefore, you must ensure that the telephone is paid before attempting to include it in the service.

To use Swappa, you must have an active PayPal account and you must also send photos of your device before the listing is approved. Once he does, he pays nothing for the listing. In addition, payment is received before shipping.



In recent years, eBay has facilitated the sale of used mobile devices through its website. However, it comes with some inconveniences. On the one hand, any transaction comes down to a sale between you and a buyer with eBay simply as the conduit. Second, there is some risk of selling on your own.

Due to this, be sure to send only to the buyer's confirmed PayPal address, so that it is protected. Also, put a competitive price on your item, so you get a good deal. Finally, be careful with the processing fees charged by PayPal and eBay.



Like Gazelle, Amazon simplifies the sale of its iPhone. In this case, answer some questions online about your phone. From there, Amazon makes an offer, which you can accept on the spot. You will receive your money in the form of an Amazon digital gift card once your phone is accepted. If Amazon discovers that the phone is not in the promised condition, it will have the opportunity to accept the new price or to have the item returned for the cost of shipping.

Amazon is somewhat aggressive when it comes to quoting a price on Apple devices. If you don't mind receiving an Amazon gift card instead of cash, this could be your best option.



The mothership makes it very convenient to exchange – on old devices both online and in one of its many retail stores. In return, you can receive credit for a new phone or a gift card from the Apple Store. If you decide to sell through the Apple website, you will receive an exchange kit by mail, which you can use to send your iPhone. Requiring this kit slows the process a bit, which makes selling your device in the store perhaps a better option. In any case, Apple's swap prices are similar to what you would expect to receive from companies such as Amazon and Gazelle.



If you want to win fast money, your best bet could be Craiglist, which will allow you to meet your potential local buyer and in person. If this is your plan, be sure to put a competitive price on your phone. For your protection, do not mention your name or address in your Craigslist ad. To make a quick connection, enter your phone number in the ad. Once you and the seller agree on a price, decide on a safe place to meet, preferably during the day. A public location is undoubtedly the best, of course. Bring a friend Finally, just accept cash.


The choice of an option to sell your old iPhone is reduced to convenience and price. If you are looking for an immediate online sale, you should consider Apple, Amazon or Gazelle. If you want to earn more money and don't mind spending time publishing your item for sale, try eBay or Swappa. Thinking only in cash? So, Craigslist is an option. Whatever you do, search and check where you can get the best price for your phone.

Happy sale and enjoy your new iPhone!

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