How to enable “enhanced” search in Windows 10


How to enable "enhanced" search in Windows 10

To enable enhanced search in Windows 10:

  1. Start the Configuration application.
  2. Click Search> Search in Windows.
  3. Click on the "Enhanced" radio under "Search my files."

Applies to Windows 10 1903, and until

The May update of Windows May 10, 2019 reviewed the search experience by separating it from the Cortana wizard interface. As part of this change, Microsoft also reviewed the search itself, adding a new "enhanced" mode that is more effective for finding files.

  Search in Windows 10

Previously, the taskbar search bar only searched your desktop files and libraries. The new enhanced mode allows you to search all the files on your device, regardless of where they are. This means that the search is more likely to yield a result, especially if you store files in non-standard locations.

Because the enhanced search has a much broader scope, you may notice slightly reduced performance and battery life when many new indexed files are being stored. However, if you use the search a lot, the benefits of the new system should exceed the few warnings.

To enable enhanced search, open the Settings application (Win + I keyboard shortcut) and then click on the new "Search" category. Choose the "Searching for Windows" page in the left sidebar. Then, click on the "Improved" option button option under "Search my files".

 Improved search settings in Windows 10

Improved search will now be activated. If it is the first time you use it, Windows will start indexing your files. You can track progress under the heading "Indexing Status".

Indexing can take a long time, especially on low-end devices. The process stops automatically if it is running on battery. Until the index is complete, some files may not appear in the search results, so it is better to connect the device to the power and wait for the procedure to finish.

You can prevent the folders from being searched by using the "Add an excluded folder" button below on the Windows Search page. Use the file selector to find the folder you want to exclude. Any file within the location will be removed from the index, so you won't see them in the search.

 Improved search settings in Windows 10

In general, you must exclude all root directories that do not contain your own files Some locations, such as the Windows system directory, are excluded by default, since It is unlikely to look for them. Excluding folders that only contain system files reduces index size and improves performance, so take time to blacklist any location you never need to search.

With the complete configuration and integrated index, you can now press Win + S to search all indexed files on your PC. You should find many more results, compared to searching for libraries only from earlier versions of Windows 10.

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