How to enable dark mode on your phone, laptop, and more

Dark mode is a function that allows you to change the color theme of an application, or from a full desktop operating system, to black or something similar. Beyond the excitement of revitalizing a tired design, some like to have the option available because it makes looking at their devices a bit easier to look at. If you use a smartphone that has an OLED screen, you could also save some battery.

These days, you can find official support for dark mode in many places; Google just added a dark mode of the whole system to its third beta version of Android Q, and you can find it at the operating system level in Moosha macOS and in the Nintendo switch. Dark mode is also available in several popular applications, such as Slack, Twitter and Google Chrome, and now Google is committed to taking it to all the main Android applications it produces. But it is not everywhere yet.

If you are curious to know if your favorite application or platform supports dark mode, we are tracking each development. If not, but you are eager to experiment, there may be some third-party solutions depending on your device. Either way, here are some ways you can put the dark mode in your day or night.

Before attempting to move mountains, however, it is worth keeping in mind that any unofficial dark mode is likely to be imperfect, and the application

how to enable dark mode on your phone laptop and more

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How to get mode dark on your iPhone

If you're an iPhone user, you probably already know that iOS does not. officially the dark support mode. iOS 12 currently offers an intelligent color inverter that almost achieves the effect. It is an accessibility feature that, according to Apple, "inverts the colors of the screen, except for images, media and some applications that use dark color styles."

Unlike a normal color inverter, it excludes certain, but not all, elements of the screen from being inverted. It works surprisingly well with Apple's pre-installed applications, as well as applications that support dark mode, such as YouTube. But jumping to Apple Maps and other applications that still have no dark mode, makes all reverse, which can be jarring.

To activate smart color inversion:

  • Tap the Settings application.
  • Scroll down and tap General, then Accessibility.
  • The fourth option from the top should be Screen adaptations. Touch that, then look for Invert colors in the menu and touch it.
  • Activate the smart invert option.

If that's not what you expect, full support could come once iOS 13 debuts, according to a January 2019 report from Bloomberg . Similar to the implementation of the dark mode in macOS Mojave, the next important software update for iPhones can work in this function at the operating system level, which affects the user interface of iOS. You could even allow your third-party applications to run in dark mode, the way Google Chrome and Firefox applications switch to dark mode automatically when you have the settings enabled in macOS Mojave.

A growing list of applications, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Slack and Microsoft Outlook, support dark mode in iOS. But unless you want to unlock your iPhone, it is currently not possible to activate dark mode in the whole system.

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How to get dark mode on your Android phone

Dark Theme, The name of Google for a dark system-wide mode, released in the third preview for developers Android Q. It is worth noting that, while the beta version is available on all Pixel phones, as well as on the other 15 devices, Dark Theme can only be experienced (for now, at least) in pixels.

To activate the dark theme, scroll down from the top of the screen to reveal the quick settings, then you will find a button to turn it on. If you do not see it, pull down the Quick Settings bar, then touch the pencil icon. Once you see Dark Theme, drag it to your main lineup. When you click on it, it will force the dark theme through Android Q, as well as many of Google's own applications. In case your favorite application has not yet made the change, you should know that Google is committed to incorporate the feature in each of its applications firsthand.

According to the experience of my colleague Dieter Bohn with the beta version, Google is developing an API that can alert third-party applications when Dark Theme is activated. It is also giving developers a line of code that can be implemented to play well with Dark Theme throughout the system, although for non-compatible applications, at the moment it is only investing the colors.

If you do not have a pixel with the latest version of Android Q beta, the story differs a bit depending on the phone you have. But even where there are dark modes, there are usually some limitations.

If you have a Samsung phone with Android 9 Pie through the update of the Samsung user interface, you can activate the Night mode by opening the Configuration menu located in the application drawer, going to the Show option and alternating Night mode My colleague Dieter Bohn says that this feature, among many others, is "really useful", although it is not without problems. For example, having the Night mode on currently confuses the Auto software of the Android car so that it thinks it is nighttime all day, according to Android Police .

To activate your dark mode:

  • Find the setup menu and touch Display> Advanced.
  • You will find "Device theme" near the bottom of the list of functions. Activate the Dark setting.

Regardless of the phone you have, if you run Android 9 Pie, you can configure the Night Mode so that it remains activated at all times, but first you must enable the Developer options (which give you access to some additional features).

  • To enable the Developer options, open Settings, then touch "About phone".
  • At the bottom of this screen, you will see "Compilation number". Touch that seven times. This will give you access to the Developer options, which you can then find in Settings by going to System> Advanced> Developer Options.
  • Scroll down until you see Night mode near the bottom of the first menu section. You can set it to "Always on" or "Automatic (depending on the time of day)".

If you want a solution in dark, easy and fast mode for your phone, downloading a launcher from the Google Play Store is an option. The Nova Launcher, to name one of several examples, is free and allows you to change most of your Android user interface, including the application drawer, the search bar and the application groups on your home screen, dark mode. There are still some areas where the default color can not be overridden, such as the notification drop-down window or Google Chrome.

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How to get the dark mode on your macOS computer [19659033] If you use the latest macOS Mojave software, it comes with a dark mode in the whole system. As mentioned earlier, this feature changes the color scheme of the user interface and can automatically activate dark mode to activate other third-party applications that are designed to support it. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, to name two examples, automatically switch to dark mode if they detect the function running on your computer.

To enable dark mode on a computer running Macos Mojave:

  • Open the system preferences by clicking on the Apple logo in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Click on General.
  • At the top of the menu window, you will see the option to change the appearance of the interface to dark in the Appearance section. [19659038] Apple applications (such as Mail, Maps, Notes, TextEdit and Dynamic Desktop) have a dark mode setting that can be activated, they will not activate dark mode automatically. Depending on the application, the switch will be in the View or Preferences setting. While Safari does not have a dark mode, Safari Reader allows you to change the background to black.

If you only want dark mode sometimes, third-party applications such as f.lux and NightOwl can also change the color automatically. scheme of your computer between light and dark mode, depending on the time of day.

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How to get dark mode on your Windows 10 computer

It's pretty easy to switch to dark mode on Windows 10. As with most dark modes , the Microsoft implementation does not extend to all the windows that you open on your laptop or desktop with Windows 10. It works in most applications that come pre-installed with the operating system, although there are some that simply do not support it, such as WordPad and Microsoft Edge.

  • To configure the dark mode on your PC, first go to the Personalization menu within the system settings, which you can quickly access by right clicking on your desktop.
  • Select Colors in the sidebar. In Application Mode, select the Dark option to activate dark mode.

How to get the dark mode in your game console

If you play, you probably also want the dark mode in your game console. Fortunately, the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch offer some kind of option to activate dark mode, even if in some cases it's just a theme.

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The PlayStation 4 does not have a dark option. built-in mode, but you can approach it by personalizing your theme.

  • Go to Settings in the top navigation bar.
  • Search for a section called Themes, and within that, click Default. This section allows you to change the background color, so if you are looking for a quick solution to darken the interface, you can select the black background.
  • If that does not do it for you, you can download a custom file. PlayStation Store theme that suits your style. Within the Themes menu, you will find a quick link that takes you directly to where you can search for free and paid themes.

  Xbox One S

Xbox One S
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Xbox One

The Microsoft game console offers quite solid theme options, which allow you to change the color of the interface of the operating system and that of its smallest touches, such as Achievement blips.

  • To start, press the Xbox button on your controller, then select Settings from the pop-up menu.
  • Select Personalization> Theme and movement.
  • Now you can activate dark mode. You also have the option to make your Xbox switch between light and dark depending on the time specified by the user, or simply according to the sunrise and sunset.
  • If you want to synchronize the color of the tiles and the accent surrounding them, scroll to "My color and background" in the Customization menu, then select "My color".

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Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch console is by default on a white background, but changing it to black is simple. Once it does, the theme will be transmitted through most of the user interface of the portable console, with the exception of the electronic store and the NES application that is included for free with Nintendo Switch Online. along the bottom of the main menu.

  • Find your way to the configuration called Themes, then activate the Basic Black option to activate the dark mode version of the Switch.
  • Dark Mode for everything else

    you probably do not want to read a long and long list of how to enable dark mode in each and every application under the sun, if you do, but we're tracking all the Main updates of applications that bring the dark mode in our Dark Mode StoryStream, which you can consult here.

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