How to Enable Dark Mode for Slack on the Desktop and Web


Slack, the popular team collaboration tool, has finally added a dark mode to its web and desktop applications. The dark theme is now available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Slack this week announced that it will launch in the dark mode for your desktop application and web version. The new dark mode is available on all platforms, including Windows, macOS and Linux. This comes months after its launch for mobile platforms, but it is good to see it on the desktop as dark modes are becoming more popular throughout the place. Below is how to activate it and adjust the theme of the sidebar.

Please note that here is how to enable it in Windows 10 and on the web. The Linux and macOS versions will look different, but the steps are practically the same. Also, if you still don't see the option, make sure you are running the latest version of the Slack application by manually updating it.

Activate the Dark mode for Slack on the desktop

To activate the dark mode function, open the Slack application on your desktop. Then click on the name of your team or workplace in the upper right corner of the sidebar. You can also arrive by clicking on the hamburger menu in the title bar and selecting File> Preferences .


Once it opens in the Preferences section, click on Themes and then click on the option Dark .


Once you have the dark mode enabled, you may also want to change the appearance of the sidebar theme. Simply click on the different topics to get the one you like best.


If you are using the web version, the process is the same. But keep in mind that if you change the theme in the web version, you won't do it in the desktop application. Nor will it change it on your phone or tablet, since it is device specific. This allows you to use the theme light on your phone and dark on your desk or vice versa. Slack also notes that it will soon add the ability to configure the Slack application to change with any theme you have configured for your operating system.

Dark modes are becoming much more popular on all platforms. For example, he sees it as an option for many Google and Android applications, Microsoft added a dark theme to Windows 10 a few years ago, and Apple is adding a dark mode suitable for iOS 13.

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