How to Earn Money Online Through Blogging

What is a blog

Whenever you want to store information, the blog is the first place you remember. It is an online newspaper or informational website, which shows your data. Many writers or groups of writers have different opinions on the subject.

  what is the blog

Purpose of having a blog

When you have useful information at hand, it becomes an excellent source to start a blog. Some people are very good at cooking; Some people are very good at gardening and many more. Today, people search for information online and prefer the blog, as it provides free and reliable information. This is giving a good deal for bloggers, so we must first decide the main purpose of the blog. It is a perfect business that provides money directly to your account. Every business depends on its customers, in the same way that a blog depends on its traffic. The closer you get to your readers, the more you touch their hearts, the more traffic they create and money. You can build a blog about your hobby, your passion, your work or anything else.

Structure of a blog

Over time, blog patterns changed, which included different elements. But most blogs have features and structure that are standard. A typical blog will have a

  • Header with menu
  • The main content area that is highlighted
  • Sidebar with social profiles
  • Footer of favorite content with external links

The structure of your blog It is also essential; You must include many options provided there.

How to build a blog

 how to build a blog

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to start a blog. You can start a blog in 6 simple steps.

  1. You must first decide a name for the blog. Choose a descriptive and short name. A short blog name is easy to remember. If it comes to food recipes, you can use names like cooking or something related to food. This tells readers that the blog is related to food.
  2. The next step is to bring your blog online. For this, you must register your blog and get hosting. There are several hosts available for blogging WordPress and Blogger for popular today. They also offer a free and simple installation of blogging software to obtain customer service.
  3. Now is the time to customize your blog. For this, you should consult with the topics. You get free themes and payment themes, and you can decide according to the appearance you need. You can also add background images of your choice and then select colors according to your theme.
  4. You can publish your articles, and this is the funniest part. Now your blog is ready, and it is time to publish and publish your blog, or for this, you can give a page that says it will also arrive soon.
  5. You have to promote your blog, so that more people read it. Blog promotion plays a dominant role in the success of your blog. Once your blog is ready, promote in all relevant fields. You can use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to help your blog. You can also improve your blog through email marketing and other techniques. The quality of your blog plays an important role, therefore, make sure your blog has an excellent condition.
  6. To make money with your blog, you must choose from several options available to monetize your blog. Now is the time to start winning since you have completed all the steps and the last step is to monetize your blog. If your blog is popular, advertisers start accepting it. You can earn money through Google AdSense or by advertising other products or many more.

Although there are many platforms on which you can develop a blog, WordPress and Blogger are very popular, WordPress is ruling the Kingdom of blogs.

First, choose a topic

Choose an area in which you are interested and have scope. After choosing the topic, the next thing to decide is the title. The title should be the synopsis of your blog. It should not be too long or too short. A simple and meaningful title attracts more users. Depending on the type of your blog, you can decide the theme of your blog; It can be simple or somewhat fashionable.

Search engine optimization

When your content is at the top of the search, you will get more traffic. For this, first, you must understand what the keywords are and how to use them in your content. If you are outsourcing this work to any writer, you should check if the keywords were not located or are not suitable.

There are many tools that can provide you with an analysis of the keywords. With the help of these tools, try to find the relevant keywords for your topic. Later, you should look for keywords that you should include in your blog article. Search engine optimization occurs when keywords are placed correctly.

How can we make money on blogs?

Blogs are a unique type of business, in which you invest your time, your talent and get results. But we can ask ourselves while many bloggers are not taking much advantage of it. There are some specific rules that you must follow to give yourself the best of your blog.

Never think from your point of view, always remember what readers would like to read. There is content that appeals to users and goes viral instantly, while others will not reach many. Always remember that your blog should be informative and able to attract the audience.


Once your blog is ready, it's time to monetize it. You can earn good income once your traffic increases. You can earn money in several ways.

  1. AdSense

AdSense is an advertisement published by Google services. This is a program designed for publishers, which display text, video or image ads on their blogs or websites. To attract users and earn money, you can have ads related to your content. When your blog has more traffic, the ads are seen many times and your revenue will be generated.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

This type of marketing is based on the performance of the blog or business. It allows communication between merchants and affiliates, and blogs are paid according to the traffic and sales they could generate.

  1. Sponsored publication

Once your blog becomes popular, people approach you to obtain a sponsored publication. It can be published by you or by them. It is usually to promote your brand or promote your products and services. You get paid for posting this on your blog.

  1. Other ad networks

In addition to the ad networks mentioned above, there are also different types of ad networks that help you earn the right amounts. Some examples are, taboola, income, etc.

How the best bloggers earn their income

 how to earn money with blogs

Some bloggers can earn an excellent salary with their blogs. They follow a simple strategy to make it work. Let's discuss this strategy.

  • First, they focus on content and keywords.
  • Second, they provide good images along with the keywords.
  • Third, they try to see that the material is friendly and informative. [19659012] Some bloggers also publish articles, which are more than informative, as interesting. This forms a good source of income for you. From this, they activate the AdSense account. By showing the ads on your blog, you get a good profit. There is also another method with which you can win through blogs. That is a direct sale. Some bloggers focus more on their product or service on their blogs. They write their articles in coordination with their product or service. They promote your product and also provide information related to the topic.

    For example, if a person is selling a course on how to garden and protect their plants, they should be connected to the gardening department. It is not an obligation that every gardening blogger sells something related to gardening, but those who sell have more income.

    6 Errors Most beginner bloggers commit and solve them

    Error: 1

    Most beginners publish articles, which are of great interest to them. Ideas can reach them, at any time and will be of any subject. But it never means that it is a good idea.


    Blogs should always contain articles aimed at our audience. That is, they must target a particular audience. You must focus on the objectives of the company.

    Error: 2

    Most writers will be very rigid. They provide informative articles, but the key to success is interesting articles. The reader must feel the communication between the writer and the reader. Therefore, do not be rigid.


    When you're writing an essay, imagine you're talking to your reader. Write your content in a friendly way as if you were talking about the topic to your friend. Do not use typical words. Use simple words that are grammatically correct with zero plagiarism. You can use one or two typical words, but do not discard your article only with typical words.

    Error: 3

    You can select topics that are too broad, but this confuses you on what all the points to cover how to cover and many more. As the quality of the content is much more important than its quantity to gather a target audience.


    You should start with a specific topic. You can't walk the branches. You can use the idea generator of blog titles. This tool allows you to enter the words you need to cover and can produce titles according to it.

    Error: 4

    Some writers get very excited about the idea and dump all the information they know. They write their article without giving specific points. It becomes very difficult for readers.


    You must be very selective about the points and make a list of points. To make it easy for readers and attractive. You should follow a simple template to provide a summary of the article and the rest can be easily managed with greater scope.

    Error: 5

    Most writers do not verify plagiarism as I write. Without knowing it, we can copy the writing of others, which is very bad. It can be treated as stealing the content of other people, which will be penalized by Google and that could give a great blow and stop the growth of your blog.


    You should know how to write unique content, if you use any other content, mention names or links each time you use other ideas.

    Error: 6

    Many people think that their work is finished, after writing, that it is not right. They mostly forget to edit the content and publish an article without editing it.


    Always edit your work after writing it. After finishing your writing, close, take a break and then return to your article. Read it carefully word for word, so you can understand what the mistakes have been and have the opportunity to correct it. You should also check spelling errors, punctual errors and some other words that come in a flow.


    • Make a proper investigation on current issues and select one of them.
    • Place your articles on your blog with specified keywords, in the right place.
    • Your articles should be informative and friendly.
    • Upload articles regularly as it is the key to success

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