How to drag and drop bookmarklets to iPad bookmarks bar

Every time I write about bookmarklets, I have to add a section on how to add them to Safari on iOS. On the Mac, simply drag them to the bookmarks bar and voila. On iOS, the situation was so complex that I wrote a complete tutorial to link it, instead of writing several paragraphs at a time. But is a way to drag and drop bookmarks on iOS.

I tried it on iOS 12 and iOS 13, and it's amazing.


This is how I described bookmarklets in that previously mentioned publication:

Bookmarklets are those small bookmarks that you click to run mini "applications" in your web browser. You may have one that saves the current page in your Instapaper account, or one that starts a Google search focused only on the current site.

Bookmarklets can translate the highlighted text on a page, send something to your to-do list, or almost anything.

To add a bookmarklet on iOS requires that you bookmark a page (any page), and then edit the address of that bookmark. You had to find the JavaScript code, paste it in the address field and then rename your bookmarklet manually. It was a nightmare.

How to drag and drop bookmarks in Mobile Safari

I discovered this new trick to add bookmarks to Mobile Safari while testing to see if Apple finally added that feature in iOS 13. But it turns out It also works in iOS 12. To add a bookmark, simply open the Bookmarks side panel in Safari, tap until it is in your Favorites folder and drag the bookmark.

That's it! The Favorites folder is the folder used to fill the bookmarks bar. If you drag the bookmarklet there, it appears instantly in the bookmarks bar, ready to click. And as I said, it works on iOS 13 and iOS 12. Maybe even before, but I haven't tried it.

This is a fantastic trick Enjoy it!

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