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When was the last time you played an audio or video cassette? There are a lot of people who were not born even when the VCR or Sony's iconic Walkman was angry. In fact, you can find an online tutorial that tells you how to play a little sad but funny cassette.

You may want to digitize these memories because these perfumes never come back. If you have an audio cassette or VHS tape that collects dust, you can make it come alive:

Audio Cassette Cassette

Audio Cassettes consist of analog music tapes whose lengths provide a total playing time. If the cassette tape was removed from one of the reels, it should be unfolded slowly and carefully rewinded by slowly rotating the hub. You can restore the audio cassette as long as the tape is not damaged and both ends can be used.

 Audio Cassette

You do not have a test recorder and may test. Play the audio cassette. Fortunately, the price of audio cassette recorders has fallen.

ReShow USB Cassette Capture Device is required for $ 24. The difference from tape recorders and Walkman is that the device is designed to connect to a laptop or PC via a USB cable.

 USB Cassette Capture Indication

When you insert and connect an audio cassette to your USB audio capture device on your laptop or PC, you will be prompted to install the preinstalled software, Audacity.

If it is not available, you can easily download the software for Windows, Mac or Linux. Open this file and record the audio cassette length using "Basic Sound Capture Driver" under "Windows Direct Sound".

 Audacity Audio

Adjust the Audacity input volume so that the final output is not too loud. First lower it to the line level so that you can see the “waveform” while playing the audio cassette.

Raise the recording volume until you hear a sound. Use Audacity to delete echo or bad audio tape segments when in use.

 Audacity Recording Level Adjustment

Audacity has another feature called “label tracks”. Edit menu. You can divide the cassette tape into individual songs or sections.

 Taiwan Label Track

Press the Record button (red dot) to save an audio tape file. Once the audio cassette is recorded, you can export the file to MP3, WAV, or OGG format.

 File export talks

To digitize VHS tapes, you must ensure that the tapes are not misplaced. . Remove the dust and see if it can be played on the VHS player. If you don't have an LG VCR player, you can buy it online for less than $ 50.

 Lg Vcr Player

You also need a VHS to DVD video capture device. Diamond VC 500 is a very popular option that can be purchased for about $ 35. Preinstalled software is provided to perform the cabling and conversion. The USB end of the cable connects to a laptop or PC and the other end to a designated slot on the VCR.

 Vhs To DVD Diamond Multimedia

Finally, you need Cyberlink PowerDirector software. It comes pre-installed with the above purchase. Start playing a video cassette on your VCR and review the picture on your laptop or PC for further editing. You can delete the unwanted parts.

When the correct video portion becomes available, pressing the record button saves the entire video file. You can also burn it to a DVD or upload it directly to YouTube.

 Recording Screen Powerdirector


If you're a 20th-century person, audio and video cassettes are an intrinsic experience of your life long ago. The ability to digitize old tapes will help you save old memories for everlasting memories.

Have you used tools and devices to digitize audio and video tapes? Let us know in the comments.

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