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When you open a tab on your Android device, it can easily escape. After all, it's hard to find what many people need.

The following Chrome flags allow you to group items by tab, making them easier to switch from one tab to another. However, there are a few things to consider before using these Chrome flags.

Experimental Flags Risks in Chrome

Google Chrome is an experimental feature that attempts to add to the stable version, but requires lab functionality. It is fixed. This is not meant to be reliably added to the stable version simply because it is experimental.

  Stop Flags

Do you run the risk of your browser's performance getting worse? Of course, remember that these features are not stable and can cause problems. These redundant features can jeopard your privacy and security. You can also clear browser data.

Do not panic. Turning on an experimental flag that allows you to group tabs in Chrome on Android will cause irreparable damage, but you will not have money. I do not rule it out.

So when you make a change, you must be absolutely sure of what you do. If you change the flag and you do not know exactly what it is, it could cause serious damage.

How to access the experiment flag page in Chrome for Android

To access the Chrome Experiments flag page The chrome: // browser has the flag in the address bar. If you make a specific change at the top, you'll see a warning that your browser data may be lost or your privacy or security may be compromised.

How to enable required flags

To access the Experiments page in Chrome, you need to know what flags to browse and use. # Enable-tab-grid-layout and # enable-tab-groups in the search box at the top.

  Flags start

When enabled, Chrome will ask you to run it again. If you have not made any changes, start over again. This is something to do during testing.

How to access and manage new grouped tabs

If the tab is not open, try opening a few. Tap the three dots in the top right corner and select New Tab. After several attempts, tap the number that represents the number of tabs you have viewed. You will now see the new design.

  Flags Access

One of the creating tabs has a blue group creation option. If you choose this option, the icon for your site will be displayed at the bottom and you will see the Google start page.

Tap the plus sign on the right, or tap the plus icon in the upper right or the lower right corner. To remove a grouped set of tabs, click or push the tab that contains each X.

  Down flag

The up-pointing arrow does not do anything special, but is pressed to indicate it. The start page of the site accessed by that tab is displayed. To access the grouped tabs, tap the number to the right of the Chrome address bar.

If you do not see the blue & # 39; Create group & # 39; option, create another tab. After you open the appropriate tab to access the site and select a number that represents the number of tabs open, the Create group option reappears.

Which design is better?

When comparing the two designs, you can quickly come to the conclusion that the experimental features are better. In previous models, we opened various tabs with a rotary movement. If you have multiple tabs open, you must navigate to all the tabs until you can not determine the location of the specific tabs.

  Flags Comparison

In the new design, all tabs are displayed as normal views, and you must swipe down to find specific tabs. With the new look, you can group tabs by theme if you like. For example, you could create a website with iOS content in another group by opening a site with information about Android in one group.

  Flag settings

Another benefit of experiment design is that from one site to another. The site icon is at the bottom, and you do not need to close the site you're looking to go to another site.


The new design that you enjoy by activating the flag is worth it. After a few days of using it, I have not experienced one problem with them. Would you try them?

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