How to Create Fillable Forms in Microsoft Word


There are two simple methods to create fillable fields in Word. One is to create custom fields. The other is to use developer tools and the various data entry controls that are available there.

Whenever forms need to be filled out, people often turn to advanced PDF editors who have interactive form tools. However, not many people realize that it is easy to create forms that can be completed in Word.

There are two methods to do it in Word. One is to use text boxes at all times and then create custom fields. The other is to use developer tools and the various data entry controls that are available there.

What option should you choose?

The method you use depends on the type of form you are creating.

You should use the custom field method if the form:

  • You only have text fields to complete
  • You don't mind training your users on how to complete custom fields
  • You need to fill out forms quickly

You should use developer tools if the form:

  • Requires drop-down lists or check boxes
  • You are sending an individual file to each user
  • You do not want to train users on how to use the form

Once Having decided which approach you want to take, you can learn how to use each of the options below.

Creating fillable forms in Word with custom fields

Creating a fillable form with fields is very simple. First, create your form by writing the name of each field and the fill text to know where the answers should go.


Next, you will need to create the custom fields for data entry. To do this, select File Options and Properties . In Properties, select Advanced Properties .

This will open a Document Properties dialog box. Select the Custom tab .

This window is where you will create each of the custom fields that will go in your fill-in form. One at a time, give each field a name and assign it an initial value.


Select Add to add each field, and then continue entering all the fields in your form.

 adding custom fields in the word

Select OK when finished. [19659008] In your document, highlight the first field on your form. In the Word menu, click on the menu Insert click on the drop-down menu Quick Parts and select Fields . If Quick Parts does not appear in the Insert menu, you must add Quick Parts to the tape to access the field item.

 using custom fields in the word

 using custom fields in the word

Continue this process for all fields remaining on your form until all become fields.

 using custom fields in the word

You can get more information about using custom fields in a variety of ways to automate your documents.

How to complete a formulation io with custom fields

Now, all your users must do to complete the form is to cycle through all the custom fields and enter the values.

To do this, they must select File Options and Properties . In Properties, select Advanced Properties . This will open a Document Properties dialog box. Select the Custom tab .

In the Document Properties window, your users only need to select each of the properties and enter the correct value for those fields and then select Modify . [19659008]   using custom fields in the word

After entering the values ​​for all custom fields, click OK you will add those values ​​to the correct fields in form.

You can update each form in the field by right clicking on it and selecting Update field . Or, you can select all fields and press F9 .

 using custom fields in the word

Once updated, the Word form will contain all the answers entered in the custom fields.

 using custom fields in the word

Your user can save the form and send it with all duly filled fields.

As you can see, this approach saves a lot of time because all field values ​​can be quickly entered in one place.

Create fillable forms in Word with developer tools

If you need a more versatile form, it is better that you use developer tools in Word to create the required form entry fields. Before you can do this, you must enable the developer menu in Word.

Select the menu File and select Options . In the Word Options dialog box, select Customize tape in the left navigation pane. In Choose commands from select Main tabs . If the developer is already shown in the right pane, select the checkbox to enable it. If not, select Developer in the left panel and select the Add >> button to add it to the right panel.


Select Accept to finish. You should now see Developer appear in the Windows menu.

Open a new Word document by selecting File from the menu, select New and choose Blank document .

Select Developer in the menu and select Design mode .

 using Word design mode

Insert a text field

For a text field entry, choose Text content control without format .


This will insert a text entry box into the refillable form.

 inserting plain text field in the word

Insert a drop-down list

To add a drop-down box entry, select Content control from the drop-down list .

 inserting a drop-down list in the word

 Editing a drop-down list in the word

You will not see the drop-down list while creating the form in Design mode. But you can select Design mode to disable it and test how the drop-down list will look.

 using a drop-down list in the word

Insert a date picker

Another useful tool to use in a form that can be completed in Word is the control of content of the date picker. Select this to add a date picker option on your form.


You do not have to do anything to customize this control. It will work as necessary to allow the user to choose a date for this field.

Insert check boxes

The next control that is useful in fillable form is the Content Control check box.

 inserting a check box in the word

First, insert the number of check boxes you need in your form, after writing the previous question.

 using word check boxes

Then, write the text for each selection next to each check box.

 using check boxes in the word

Proof of your refillable form in Word

You can add any number of controls in your entire refillable form to satisfy your needs When finished, simply select the design mode from the Controls menu to deactivate the design mode and view your completed form.

Test all controls on your form to make sure they work as expected.

 testing a form embedded in word

As you can see, creating a fillable form in Word is not as difficult as it seems. The approach you choose depends on the complexity of the form and the types of responses you are looking for.

Try it and see what type of form you can create in Word using either of the two methods above. [19659099]

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