How to Create a Custom Theme for Google Chrome


You have been able to install new themes in Chrome for years. But with Chrome 77 you can now enable some banners and customize the color and theme of the browser.

Like creating a custom theme on your PC, it's good to change things in your browser from time to time . You have been able to change the Chrome theme for years. The Chrome web store is full of different themes that you can install. But you might want your topic to be a bit more personal. With Chrome 77 updated, you can create your own customized version of a Chrome theme. Here we show you how to do it.

Note: To enable the option to create a custom theme, you must ensure that you are running Chrome 77. To verify that you are running the latest version, click on the Menu (three dots) and then go to Help> About Google Chrome .

Create a custom theme for the Chrome browser

Similar to adding the hidden menu of the Extensions toolbar, to enable the customization option you will need to enable two "hidden" Flags under the hood.

To start, start Chrome and type: chrome: // flags in the address bar and press Enter . Then type: NTP in the flag search field at the top. Here you must enable the "Chrome Color Menu" and "NTP Version 2 Customization Menu" indicators. Then press the "Restart now" button.


Now, open a new tab and click on the "Customize" button in the lower right corner.


Here you will notice that things look a little different and this is where you can start customizing the theme. You can go in the order you want, but you will see the option "Color and theme".

In the "Color and theme" section you can select from several different color combinations. The browser will change color in real time each time you click on a different color scheme.


You can then change the background image. Here you can select a pre-built background from several categories. Or, upload your own photo or just have no background. When you choose a fund, you can also set it to change daily. Simply activate the "Update daily" switch.


Of course, you can also select how your shortcuts will open in the new page tab as well. You can choose to show shortcuts selected by you, your most visited sites, or activate the switch to not show any.


Chrome It's a constantly evolving browser. And keep in mind that here we are using experimental indicators that Google may decide to eliminate at any time. Or, the company could facilitate the entire Chrome theme customization process in the future. Still, if you are one of those who likes to play with the appearance of Chrome, you can use this.

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