How to control what your iPhone backs up to iCloud

  icloud backup
Keep things safe with iCloud backup.
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Are you preparing for a new iPhone? Are you running out of storage space in iCloud? Do you live with a slow internet connection? Worried about privacy? In any of these cases, you may want to exclude some applications from your iCloud backups. Doing so will save storage space on iCloud, conserve bandwidth and ensure that your data does not go to Apple servers, where they may or may not be vulnerable to decryption.

The good news is that it is easy to exclude almost everything you want from your iCloud backups on iOS. Here we show you how.

How to manage iCloud backups

To start, open the Settings app and tap the Apple ID banner (the one with your name at the top of the main screen). Then touch iCloud and then touch Manage storage . Then, after waiting a moment, touch Backups .

  Find your iCloud backups in the Settings application.
Find your backups in the Configuration application.
Photo: Cult of Mac [19659011] Here, you will see a list of the Apple devices you have backed up. This tells you how much space these backups occupy in iCloud. You can view the details of all your devices from this screen, but you can only manage the backup copies of the iPhone or iPad you are currently using to view this setting. Touch the name of this device and you will see a list of the applications that need more storage.

To see all applications backed up in iCloud, not just the main space pigs, touch Show all applications .

Choose which applications to back up to iCloud

  Exclude applications from iCloud backups using this list.
Exclude applications in this list.
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So, it's a matter of scrolling down the list and unchecking the applications you don't need or don't want to back up.

This is an excellent way to free storage space in iCloud. It's easy to identify the applications that take up the most iCloud storage, because they appear first in the list. But you may also want to explore the list to see if something catches your attention.

For example, it can detect backup copies of applications that it has long stopped using. You can safely deactivate your backups and the associated data will disappear from your iCloud backups.

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