How to Close Unresponsive Apps on Your Chromebook


When you have a good day to do things on your Chromebook, nothing is more annoying than a frozen application. Here is how to close an unresponsive application so you can relaunch it.

When you have a good day and browse your workflow, nothing puts a brake on that as a frozen application. Of course, you can wait impatiently for it to respond or restart your machine. But you want to leave the office before the bell rings. On Windows, you can force to close an application using Task Manager.

But what happens if a similar situation occurs when using your Chromebook? Well, the general idea applies to Chrome OS, too. The following explains how to force the closure of an application that does not respond on your Chromebook.

Close unresponsive applications on your Chromebook

As we've discussed in other articles on how to find your Chromebook's system specifications, Chrome OS has its own Task Manager utility. To start it, open the Chrome browser and click on the Menu button (three dots) and then on More tools> Task manager . Or, for faster access, simply use the keyboard shortcut Search + Esc .

 Chromebook 1 system information

The Task Manager for Chrome OS will open and display all currently running applications and processes. Click to highlight the application that is not surprising and then click the End process button. That will kill him immediately and he can come back and relaunch it (I hope it works this time).


It's not common when you run in a situation where you need to close an application that doesn't respond in Chrome OS. Certainly, it doesn't happen as much as it does on Windows. Even so, if you are in a system with 100 open tabs and you run multiple web and Android applications, things can get stuck. Especially in low-end Chromebooks that don't have the resources to handle high workloads.

The good thing is that you can force the closure of the offensive application through the Task Manager in Chrome OS. And if an application, in particular, is still freezing, you should uninstall it. And if you are in a low specification Chromebook where you need to run several things at once, see our article on how to make the most of your Chromebook's RAM.

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