How to clear browser data in Edge Insider

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How to delete browser data in Edge Insider

To delete navigation data in Edge Insider:

  1. Click "…" on the Edge toolbar.
  2. Click Settings> Privacy and services. [19659005] Click on "Choose what to delete".
  3. Make your selection and click "Delete now".

Applies to all versions of Windows 10

Microsoft Edge Insider compilations bring a different approach to data management than the outgoing browser-based EdgeHTML. You have more granular control over the types of data that are affected when you clear cached resources.

Before you begin, it is worth noting that the "Clear browsing data" option is not necessarily what you are looking for. The most common ways of deleting data, such as deleting history or deleting bookmarks, can also be found in their respective menus. This function is oriented to the massive reset of the browser settings, for when you want to return to a clean board.

 Clear browser data in Edge Insider

Click the "…" button in the upper right corner of the Edge interface. Select "Settings" from the menu that appears and then switch to the "Privacy and services" page.

At the top of the page, click on the blue "Choose what to delete" button. A pop-up window will appear allowing you to precisely define the types of data that should be deleted.

 Clear browser data in Edge Insider

First, use the "Time interval" drop-down menu to choose how much Data should be deleted. The options range from "Last minute" to "All time".

Next, use the check boxes to select the types of data to be deleted. You will see warnings about the potential impact of each elimination; For example, deleting cookies will log off sites, while deleting cached images may cause a slower page load.

 Clear browser data in Edge Insider

Most check boxes should explain themselves. Some to keep in mind are "Passwords" (this will remove passwords from your stored site, which could leave it locked), "Site permissions" (resets all permission pop-ups that are displayed when you visit pages) and "Data from hosted applications. " The last option will erase all the data used by the web applications installed on your machine. This could have implications for the functionality of those applications.

Once you have made your selection, click "Delete now" to perform the deletion. The selected data types will be deleted immediately.

Finally, Edge allows you to automatically erase this data every time you close your browser. Back on the "Clear browsing data" configuration page, click on the "Choose what to delete each time you close your browser" link. You will arrive at a new page of options very similar to what we have just seen. Use the toggle buttons to force automatic deletion of the chosen cache types.

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