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The quickest way to check the weather is Google search itself. Receive hourly summary of temperature, precipitation and humidity in all regions of the world without tapping your fingers. However, if you're using Windows 10, you can use one of these applications to provide more detailed information than Google, so you can check the weather on your desktop.

1. Windows 10 native weather app

The native weather app in Windows 10 comes with the operating system and is updated for each version. You can access it directly from the Start menu.

  Windows 10 basic weather app

You can get a lot of weather-related information by typing anywhere in the search menu. This includes accurate and insightful details such as temperature, wind speed, visibility, barometric pressure, humidity and "feeling like" trends.

  Read Windows 10 default weather app

Details expand with hourly updates. Historical precipitation trends, thunderstorm forecasts, UV index, moonrise and moonrise times and moon phases.

  Detailed weather forecast

Better with satellite report, radar forecast and cloud cover summary.

  Satellite maps

Historical weather patterns, snow days and rainfall trends are among other useful features.

  Historical Weather Pattern Snow Day Weather App

Microsoft's built-in weather app is free to use and very easy to use. Recommended and one of the best desktop tools.

2. WeatherBug

Closed the footprint of the Windows app, WeatherBug is highly regarded for its great attention to detail. The app is small in size and doesn't take up much space on your computer (only 2.8MB). But still packs punches with tremendous weather insights.

  Weatherbug Details "width =" 700 "height =" 459

Exclude real-time camera views, with daily and hourly forecasts and general data on temperature, humidity, and pressure. This is physically the closest thing in one place So you can plan your trip based on the camera's real-time weather feed.

  Live Camera View

The app also has a "map" feature that provides additional insight into allergies, droughts, flu activity, and hurricane trackers. And lightning.

 Map Weather Bug

Clearly, Weather Bug is an amazing weather app and it's free to use.

3. Weather Radar Pro

If you are a meteorologist or someone who knows the meaning of terms like "tornadic vortex signature" or "mesocyclone", you should use the radar app. Weather Radar Pro can be downloaded for $ 2.49 from the Microsoft Store.

  Weather Image of Radar Pro Home Screen

Find everything from storm properties to satellite images of hail size and latest weather patterns. This app has been highly regarded for its ability to predict storms and hurricanes. In other words, when bad weather comes, you can be the first to know and save your life.

  European Weather Radar

The only limitation application of this radar data is limited to US, Europe and Caribbean.

4. 8 Bit Weather

 8 Bit Weather Home Screen

Video game lovers will definitely enjoy this game. 8-bit weather uses the iconic video game canvas to provide accurate and up-to-date weather information. For those looking for a rugged and boring theme, this is a refreshing way to adjust the details.

5. Predictions

To change the Windows 10 default app, you may want to use very similar predictions. Available for $ 1.49 from the Microsoft Store, the app offers a more detailed graph that captures the mood of the weather gods on the go.

  Forecast App Temperature Forecast

Not only do you get a bit more insight compared to the Windows native app, but there are a few more themes to choose from. It doesn't mean that the weather is dark so the desktop theme should reflect this.


Accurate weather insights have generally been expert protection. But with some of these newer apps, you can get closer to one. What's your favorite desktop weather app? Let us know in the comments.

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