How to Check and Manage Email from Your Apple Watch


There are many features included in an Apple Watch. One of them is the ability to receive email notifications, read messages and even respond to them from the wrist. Here's how.

Whether you are paired with your iPhone or not, you can do a lot with your Apple Watch. One of the important skills is tracking your email. Now, you are certainly not going to make any great email of this. However, it is good to receive email notifications, scan the content of a message and even reply from your wrist. Here’s how to set up and take a look at what you can do.

Email settings for your Apple Watch

One of the most convenient options is to receive email notifications on your watch. You no longer have to deal with taking your phone out of your pocket: first world problems, right? To start, open the Watch application on your iPhone and tap My watch> Email . Then, select the "Duplicate my iPhone" option to use the same notification settings as your phone or "Custom" to get more notification options. You will probably want to use "Custom" if you use multiple email accounts.

Then choose the email account from which you want to receive notifications and make sure that "Show alerts" is activated. Here you can also choose if you want the notification to play a sound, just touch your wrist or both.


Reading messages on Apple Watch [19659012] To view messages on your watch, open the Mail application from your application list. That will give you a list of messages from all inboxes. This allows you to preview your email. But you can touch "All inboxes" at the top. Then scroll to see a specific account that you have set up.


Click on an email to read the full message if you wish. Simply scroll up or down to see the whole thing. The text is quite small, so you can double-tap the screen to increase the size. For example, in the image below, I am using a Microsoft email. You can fly the text and scroll through the screen to read it.

Obviously, you're not going to read the newsletter and the promotional message on your watch. But it is a good ability to know if you have an important message that you should read.


In response to Apple Watch email

You can also manage your messages directly from your watch. Press and hold the screen and a menu will appear with options: Reply, Trash, Mark and Unread.

Responding to a message is where things get interesting. You can write your answer using your voice to dictate your answer, select a default quick response from the list, use Emoji, or even write it by hand using the "Scribble" function.


Whichever method you use to write your answer, when finished, press the Submit button.


It is also worth noting that you can manage other email options for your watch from iPhone. You can do this by opening the Watch application and going to My watch> Mail and scroll to the Mail settings section. There you can change things like the default responses, the signature, the number of preview message lines and the default responses where you can even add your own.


Similar to other functions, such as using the watch as a remote control for an Apple TV, you won't waste much time managing all your emails from your watch. But the ability to do so and the tools you provide can be useful when you need them.

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